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Denmark Estate Records - Not Just Accounts and Ledgers


Svare genealogy

Here's my on-line collection of genealogical information on the Svare family. It contains biographical and genealogical information on the family in the United States and Norway. If you have any additional information or corrections, please contact me.

Tweet genealogy

A collection of genealogical material on the family of Peder Johannesen (1844-1916) of Tveit farm in Eidfjord, Norway. Peder was born in Eidfjord, Norway, in 1844, and came to the United States in 1869. Click here for the information.

Fuchs & Winter families of Stearns County, Minnesota

Partial indexes to Stearns county vital records for the Fuchs and Winter families. The indexes, which are incomplete, can be accessed here.

The Lenz family: Alendorf, Germany, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, and Stearns County, Minnesota

Is the mystery of what happened to Friederich Wilhelm Thomas Lenz solved? Look here.


Genealogical Resources

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Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy October 2018

Links for Virtual Nordic 2018

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2018

Links for SLIG 2018 Course 5

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2017

Links for SLIG 2017 Course 5

South Davis Conference 2017

My SDC 2017 presentations

Guide to Norwegian Probate Index Cards

A quick illustrated guide to the information contained on the probate index cards created by the National Archives of Norway. These records are available on film in Family History Centers operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

You can find the indexes listed under the subject heading "Probate records" for each locality. They are usually the first items in film notes and are called "Kort register."

1838 tax list for Vågå

Transcription of the Fortegnelse over Jordebrugene og deres Matrikulskyld, saaledes som samme befandtes ved 1838 Aars Udgang i Vaage Thinglag af Gudbrandsdalens Fogderi, attestet ifølge Kongelig Resolution af 29de December 1838.

This is a list of farms in Vågå with their tax registration number, names of sub-farms (bruker), and the resident (opsidder) of each, along with the tax valuation of each farm.

1917 Inddeling

I've transcribed the 1917 edition of Norges civile, geistlige, og judicielle inddeling. This document gives the civil, clerical, and judicial divisions of Norway for the year 1917. The localities used in the Family History Library Catalog are based on the divisions put forward in this work. The file is available here.

Hardanger Ættarbøker Index

An index to the ættarbøker of Hardanger, Norway is available here. This index is still being compiled, so please check back again.

2011 SGSMN Conference

The link to the page containing all the links in my presentation can be found here.

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