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Images of Austria.

Here are some pictures of Austria. If you have some you'd like to share, please let us know. We are looking for pictures of general interest, which would appeal to all generations of Austrian missionaries (pictures of places, unposed pictures of missionaries engaged in missionary activities, etc.) We are also looking for two types of pictures for the history section: your mission president (preferably with his wife), and formal pictures of large groups of missionaries (the type taken at zone/mission conference showing everyone present.) If you have some, please email me (Lise,, and we'll make arrangements for getting them online.

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Black and White photos of some of the LDS chapels in Austria.

The Wien III chapel in Vienna.

The stake center in Vienna.
The Wien II & Wien IV (international) wards chapel.

The stake center organ in Vienna.

The chapel in St. Pölten.

Nameplate on chapel in St. Pölten.

Former chapel in St. Pölten.

The chapel in Wiener Neustadt.

The former chapel in Wiener Neustadt.

The former chapel in Steyr.

The chapel in Linz.

The chapel in Wels.

The former chapel in Wels.

The chapel in Haag am Hausruck.

The chapel in Salzburg.

Interior of the chapel in Salzburg.

The chapel in Klagenfurt.

The former chapel in Villach.

The chapel in Bruck an der Mur.

The chapel in Graz.

Unforgettable People

Kurtie-Kurt, or Kurt-the-Mole, in a lucid moment.

Kurt-the-Mole in his "spy" mode waiting by the phone beneath the sisters' apartment.

The home of the Family Pilz in Gallneukirchen.

Mutti Mittermaier.

Frau Stadlbauer in Klagenfurt.

*special note for visitors who weren't aware:
this is a memory page, not an apartment rental service.

A long time mission apartment at Schüttauplatz in Vienna. In the summer, the bottom floor is occupied by a wonderful Italian ice cream shop.

A mission apartment at Rudigergasse in Vienna.

A mission apartment at Bäckenbrunnelgasse in Vienna.

A mission apartment at Linke Wienzeile in Vienna.

A mission apartment at Hörlgasse in Vienna.

A mission apartment at Helenenstrasse in Baden.

A mission apartment at Grünmarkt in Steyr.

A mission apartment at Hochweg in Spital am Semmering.

A mission apartment at Alterplatz in Klagenfurt.

Another mission apartment in Klagenfurt.

A mission apartment at Montfortgasse in Bruck an der Mur.

A mission apartment in Wels.

Another mission apartment in Wels.

End view of same mission apartment in Wels.

A mission apartment in Ried.

Haag am Hausruck

Haag am Hausruck.



Hörtendorf (by Klagenfurt).







Salzburg by day.

Salzburg by night.

Salzburg's Salzach river.

Streeet display in Salzburg.

A new page has been added to the History section especially for the Mission Home.

The stairs (down) to the mission home.

The stairs (up) to the mission home.

The mission home.

Missionaries in Vienna Sept. 1999.

"Herbs," for real Wiener Schnitzel.

Schönbrunn palace.

The Natural History Museum in Vienna.

A subway map for Vienna.

Dürnstein, near Melk in Niederösterreich. Looking down from ruins.

Dürnstein, near Melk in Niederösterreich. Looking up at ruins.


A Bolivian street band plays in the pedestrian zone in Wels.

A passerby talks to an Elder at a street display in Wels.

A pair of train tickets between Wels and Linz.

Lise (Moyes) Christiansen