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  • The Austria Vienna Mission is now a part of the Germany Munich Mission. (As of July 2001.) The new mission is called the Germany Munich/Austria Mission. For more details, see the Church News article written by Shaun D. Stahle (an Austrian alumni). If you want to remember the Vienna mission home, you will find photos of Fürfangasse 4 in the history section.
  • A current LDS movie, "Baptists at Our Barbeque" (started Oct. 8th), has a couple of Austrian connections. Check out their website to see what they are:

  • As some of you may have noticed, I've not been keeping up with the website as well as I did in the past. This website was my "baby" for five years, but suddenly in our late 30's, my husband and I have been blessed with a couple of the real thing. I have had a couple of volunteers to take it over, so watch for a change of address to be posted here. I'll continue to try to keep up with changes in the meantime, but most of you won't get a personal return email. I'll just post your updates. Thanks!

Upcoming Mission Reunions
Friday, 6 May, - Sunday, 8 May, 2005

various times

Vienna, Austria

Various venues

A Dance, a special conference with L. Tom Perry presiding, city activities, another conference where attending former Mission Presidents will speak, etc.

Occasion: 25th anniversary of the Vienna Stake; 50th anniversary of State recognition for the Church; and 50 Jahre Staatsvertrag of all Austria.
Ernst HUSZ

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