This photo of a cougar cub is currently a Beautyway postcard.


When I'm not running rivers, I work as a freelance photographer, supplying outdoor photos for calendars, postcards, notecards, travel brochures, and books. Most of the shots in this web site were taken with a Canon 35mm cameras, though occasionally I use a Hasselblad camera for larger format slides, and a Pentax waterproof point and shoot. In addition to these web pages, you can find my photos in the following books:

"Grand Canyon" Sierra Press
"Islands in the Sky, Scenes from the Colorado Plateau" Sierra Press
"Grand Canyon, a Visual study" Sierra Press
"Art on the Rocks" Sierra Press
"Blessed by Light, Visions of the Colorado Plateau" Peregrine Smith Books

Below: Caineville badlands near Capitol Reef National Park. This photo was recently produced as a card by Ancient Images.

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