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     People's Stories of struggles with dyslexia, and other issues for learning disabled people.

    A rich man's definition of dyslexia from, The American Heritage Dictionary.

    As a dyslexic, I'm just struggling to know if doG exists, a tangent on dyslexia.

    This is a list of spelling erros and typo's created in making the above page.

    As a LDS Missionary for the LDSchurch in 1975, I struggled with memorizing and dyslexia.

    Though lessened, dyslexia still effects me 25 year later, when again in an intensive learning situation.

    One sample of dyslexia from a typed page I transcribed from the CD circa 5 years ago (1995).

   Links to sites about LD behaviors that Students and their Family members often struggle with.

    Dyslexia The Gift positive web pages about people that were or are learning disabled.

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Dyslexia, the Gift

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