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Since the release of a strategy pack containing DG, and NOT the manual, I have been asked by a few people to put down some of the hot key's and mouse commands so here we go.


Left Click
  • on a face to center view on merc.
  • click a second time to select the merc.
  • After and inturrupt or your turn was over and your mercenary did not make it to his target to continue onto his last waypoint you set.
  • on the ememy will bring up a square with a number in it, this is the AP's needed to shoot. You can take more time with the shot, and increase the chances of hitting him by right clicking. When the number turns red, that is as good as that merc is going to get, another right click however will send it back down to the minimum.
Right Click
  • on the face to get a small menu
    • Reserve Points warns you before you move too far, and don't have enough action points to shoot.
    • Maximum aim alway's set's your aim to maximum.
    • Mutes the audio of the merc.
  • while over the currently selected merc will draw a red box around him. Now click the left mouse button to make him crouch. This makes it harder for the enemy to see you if you are near a bush, and harder to hit if he does see you.
  • while holding it down press the left mouse button to get the LOOK option. The merc will turn and look where you pointed. (This will increase the chance of an inturrupt if you are looking where a merc crosses this point.)
  • clikcing on an empty hand will also bring up the inventory meny
  • while in the overall map screen will zoom into the point that the mouse is over.

Combination Mouse/Key

  • Hold CTRL to force the "hand" to pick things up
  • While the hand is over an object right click to zoom in (Excellent for seeing what kind of ammo that is before you go running into the open to get it)
  • holding the SHIFT key while selecting a way point for your mercenary will tell them to try and sneak to that point. It will take more AP's to do so, but if they have enough dexterity, they can do so without the enemy hearing them.
  • holding the SHIFT key while in the inventory menu and clicking on an item will pick up 5 of the item if there are that many. This can save time over handing the clips to another person one at a time. Anyone close enough to receive the items will not be darkened in this view. This is the best way to transfer items from person to person.
  • in the far right or left slot of the bottom item bar will switch whatever is in the right hand for whatever is left hand.


  • Space Bar Switchs to the next mercenary.
  • W Withdraw from the battle field, it can only be done when there are no more enemies to threaten your retreat.
  • D Same as hitting the big done button at the top. It ends your turn.
  • I Brings up the current mercs inventory window.
  • R You messed up already?!? This will let you restart the mission.
  • O Opens the options window where you can save, and adjust the volume, stuff like that.
  • P Pauses the game so that you can go get the phone.
  • S Brings up the stats of all of the mercs in your team.
  • G What was it I was trying to do? This is just a reminder of your current goal.
  • K Had enough, can't stand the bleeding? This is the suicide button. I would suggest restarting instead.
  • V Tells you what version you are playing.
  • M Like the big button on top it zooms the map in and out.
  • Esc Cancels most commands that are not finished yet, maybe you changed your mind about shooting that guy.
1996-2002 Troy Nelson
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