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The 2015 Edition is coming and is projected to be released between February 23 and March 2, 2015. Please check back for updates.

ANNOUNCING: The 2014 Edition is now available. This 230 page book, our 24th annual edition, contains important information about all pinball machines made since the flipper was invented in 1947. This is the most popular and accurate pinball reference anywhere. Over 2,900 pinball machines are listed with incredible detail about each, including name, manufacturer, date released, number of players, distinguishing features, production numbers, collectibility, current value, market trend, designer, artist, and relationships with other games.

Note that included in the pricing analysis are charts of price trends and values and a list of the top five games, by decade and by type.

The book also contains current website links to on-line resources for buying and selling parts and machines, popular pinball events, and how to find more information--everything a new collector or pinball enthusiast needs to know.

Nowhere else can you find as comprehensive and complete reference on pinball. No collector, novice or expert, can afford to be without the latest edition from Mr. Pinball.

Added bonus sections--a comprehensive list of Bowling Games and a comprehensive list of Gun Games since these are often found with pinball games.

The Table of Contents from the 2014 Edition:

You can obtain a 3 page sample of our 2003 Edition in PDF format by clicking here.

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