Tim Arnold--How I Became a Pinhead, Page 11
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What the heck is going on here?  Some stuff I see
on TV and movies that really bugs me!  On 'Happy Days', in Arnold's Drive-in,
they would play a Bally Nip-It, a game made in 1975!  AY-Y-Y-Y!  This show
reeked!  How were you supposed to believe Ron Howard was only 16 years old???
In the movie 'Tommy', they smashed to bits a mess of cool old 60's pinball!
(We're not gonna take it!)  Who says guys don't cry at the movies?  If you want
to see a bunch of keen-o old pins, rent 'The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz'.
They're the original 40's games!!!  (Loading machines onto truck in the rain!)
How come every time you see a machine being played in a movie, it's still in
GAME OVER mode?  (Fake noises: -ding- -ding- -ding-)  (Game Over)  Why don't
they dig out a quarter and start it up for real?

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