Tim Arnold--How I Became a Pinhead, Page 10
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WARNING!  Women will always try and cure you by
taking you on a cold turkey wilderness camping trip...  Stop making bear
noises, put down the outboard motor adn look at this pretty fern!  ($75.00
hiking boots)  But there is only ONE cure...  Dearly beloved (when lit) we are
gathered here today to mark the sad passing of one of our fellow pinheads whose
GAME IS OVER!  Electrocuted while playing '8-Ball' in the bathtub, he's taken a
special shot to the great target bank in the sky!  Ain't got no distractions,
can't hear no buzzer and bells...  Don't see no lights a flashing!  Plays by
sense of smell...  That deaf, dumb, and dead kid, SURE PLAYS A MEAN PINBALL!
(Norman Bates Bowling Team)  (U-Plantem Awto Winch)  (Fireball pinbal cabinet)
Hurry up!  The arcades open in 10 minutes!

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