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The Pinball Collector Register

This register is a list of pinball collectors who desire to be involved in helping others in their local areas buy, sell, trade, repair, and find parts for their pinball machines. If you need to find someone in your local area that can help you this is the place to look. If you are willing to help others, please fill out this form and your entry will be added. This service is absolutely FREE to everyone!

The register today lists 6455 collectors from 59 countries

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This project was originally started by Ray Nelson, on index cards, and was first published in the July 1996 issue of the pinGame journal. This page is designed and maintained by Mr. Pinball with the permission of Ray Nelson and the pinGame journal. This register will continue to be published periodically in the pinGame journal.

For more information you may contact us by email, or by email form.
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