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Cell # 801-319-8533

Perry L. Porter's Personal Page.
Tiscia Renee Porter my daughter's web page.
Stephen Markham Porter my son's web page.
James Orrin Rockwell Porter my son's web page.
Christy Lynne Porter my daughter's web page.
Mary Elizabeth Porter my daughter's web page.

[Former wife, Renee Call Porter's web page, status: Divorced from Perry, some time at the end of October, 1999]

See out last  Family, taken the day I signed the divorce papers Photo (103k) Oct. 4, 1999. 
Just the kids, same day Photo (93k) Oct. 4, 1999. 
To view what our family looked like in 1996 Photo (141k).
Older family photo 1995(41k).
Sea my old Marine Reef Tank. or at:  SOLD!
I'l tre inseparable amici, my freshman year at BYU (38k.).
The Irene Platts Clan Family Page.
Garage sale page.

Mormon LDS Church History pages, written by Perry L. Porter. In relation to these web pages, I have recently had a very forceful Epiphany, a major paradigm shift, yea even a change of heart! See Disclaimer.

The start of a section on my Mormon Mission Journal, in 1975-76. This is not a lame proselytizing attempt, it is safe, non threatening, no pressure, you may enter.

Over the last 3 years (1993-1996) I have written a few stories, that I have been spurned to do such, while participating on various public and private mailing lists. These stories deal with living life and struggling with such, in the context of Mormon culture.

Part of my daily life that I have tried to keep in the background and not allow it to effect my life as much as possible is what I would call a memory anomaly that others would call Dyslexia.

A whole page of Mormon Links.

A few of My Links, that I have stumbled upon.

Take a test of how well you share the same values.

My favorite recipe, quick and easy Italian food.

Church History Jeopardy answers/questions.

My transcription of a letter penned at the battle of Bullrun, by Sullivan Ballou, to his Dear Sara,

Some notes on Fort Bridger just 6 miles from where I lived until age 15.

Mystery Pioneer photo quiz.


Massage Waiting,  You could have made an appointment over the internet
to get a Professional Therapeutic Massage, but I am now retired and back into the computer field.

My business card.

UCMT home page.
Massage related pages.





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