Korg DS-8 NetCenter

Late in 1988, I purchased my first synthesizer: a Korg DS-8. I was 16 years old and my friends and I had aspirations of making music and being the next Van Halen or something.

At the time, the price was $1000 for the DS-8. I financed the purchase thanks to my friend Dave's co-signature. Then, about four months later, I lost my job and found no compassion from my parents (who thought my musical interests were of the devil) and had to sell the synthesizer for what I owed on it. Nevertheless, that was an awesome four month period.

Then, nine years later, I decided it was time for me to reacquaint myself with my lingering interest in making music. I jumped on the Usenet newsgroup rec.music.makers.synth and began looking for an inexpensive synthesizer with which to play with. Lo and behold, I ran into my old friend, the Korg DS-8 at a very attractive price. A seller had one in mint condition sitting in his studio and wanted less than $300 for it. Now, it's mine.

This page has been established to provide information about this analog/digital relic of the late 1980's and to provide links to other DS-8 related information on the Net.

David Copley's Korg DS-8 Page DS-8 Stock Patches
100 Cool Patches
If you have some patches, e-mail me!

If you're interested in hearing some of the stuff I've done with the DS-8, listen to the soundtracks of some of my video work. The DS-8 was used exclusively on the Driving PSA and the Amaze-O-Cut projects.

I'll be putting some other recordings in MP3 format in the future.