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I continue to locate material that sheds new light on the Donner Party, and the Bulletin is my way of sharing it. It's produced in print and Web versions; the latter is formatted somewhat differently from the former. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about the Bulletin or its contents.
No.15, January 2006 (Alder Creek Issue) The News Is Out -- Or Is It?; Physical Evidence and Historical Evidence; Cannibalism at Alder Creek: The Historical Sources; Conference Report; Some of the Evidence; Is this Really a Donner Party Camp?; The Question of Cannibalism.
No.14, February 2005 Bertha Keseberg Mystery Solved; The Missing Keseberg Child
No.13, May 2004 The Beginning of the Story; The Blaisdell Connection Revisited
No.12, August 2003 Virginia Reed Elopes; Edward Pyle Murdered
No.11, June 2003 Augustus Spitzer; Strange Coincidence
No.10, March 2000 Mr. Graves and Family
No.9, Jan./Feb. 2000 Catching Up; The Website; Trip to Springfield; Some Springfield Trivia
No.8, Nov./Dec. 1998 Donner Party Books on the Way; Biographical Sketch of John Breen
No.7, Sept./Oct. 1998 "New" Donner Party Relics; The Murphy Cabin Vials
No.6, July/August 1998 Some Keseberg Clippings; Two Keseberg Anecdotes
No.5, May/June 1998 The Authenticity of the Miller-Reed Diary
No.4, March/April 1998 The Blaisdell Connection; In Memoriam; Donner County?
No.3, Jan./Feb. 1998 Who Was Capt. George Donner?; Johnson's Ranch Tours Ended; Review of The Donner Party Chronicles; W. C. Graves obituary
No.2, Nov./Dec. 1997 Virginia Reed's 1879 Memoir; Website Update; About the Bulletin
No.1, Sept./Oct 1997  Tamsen's Other Children; Bizarre Story; The Donner Tragedy; About The Donner Party Bulletin; New Donner Party Homepage


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