"Carmilla" (1989) Directed by Gabrielle Beaumont

Now here's a departure for our Meg! In "Carmilla", she plays (of all things) a vampire! Ione Skye costars as the lonely southern girl whom Carmilla befriends and (of course) attempts to lure into the world of the undead. The masterful Roddy McDowall appears as Inspector Amos - a relatively small part, but typically great McDowall! This is pretty much your typical vampire movie, except that Meg plays Carmilla much softer than one might expect and has to be the most beautiful vampire I've ever seen! She could bite MY neck...!

I finally found an "original copy" of this tape, so in response to the requests I've received, I have added more captures to the page. I think you will get an idea of what the movie is like, and I recommend seeing "Carmilla" simply to see Meg in a role you won't see her play anywhere else. (Leave it to our girl to be a white rat instead of a bat!)

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