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Welcome to my latest attempt to please all of you Meg Tilly Fans! On these pages, I have posted a few screen captures of Meg from the tapes I have in my collection to give you an idea what she looks like in each of her movies. Some of the pages have "sound bytes" - look for the sound icon. And, my latest additions are VIDEO CLIPS! These are actually movie 'trailers' that I found on the site (thanks to Rhiannon), so all credit goes to Bigstar. I've just linked you to their work.

This menu will take you to the page for the chosen movie. On that page, I have put smaller pictures on the left side of the screen. You can get a larger picture by clicking on that picture, and if you then want to download THAT pic, just "right click" on it. You can then proceed to the next Screen Cap page by using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page, or return here to the Screen Cap Menu page by clicking on the Screen Capture menu button.



One Dark Night

The Big Chill

Psycho II


Agnes of God

Off Beat



The Girl in a Swing

The Two Jakes


Leaving Normal

Body Snatchers

Sleep With Me

In the Best Interest of the Child

Primal Secrets (aka Trick of the Eye)

The Trouble with Grandpa Rare!!

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