Leaving Normal

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"Leaving Normal" (1992) Directed by Edward Zwick

This movie is probably my favorite of all Meg's films, and I really couldn't tell you why! I think it has something to do with people chasing a dream or looking for something, which I can relate to. "Leaving Normal" has been (IMHO) unfairly compared to "Thelma and Louise". Except for the fact that the storyline concerns two women on the road, the two are completely different.

Meg shines as Marianne Johnson, slightly naive and quite familiar with life's problems and failures. She decides to escape an abusive marriage and hits the road, where she meets Darly, played by Christine Lahti. Darly is just as hard core as Marianne is innocent, and she also is about to make changes in her life. The two team up and hit the road. Along the way, they meet several crazy characters and find themselves in outrageous situations - all of which lead to both Marianne and Darly growing and discovering themselves as they experience the results of the choices they make along the way.

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