Sleep With Me

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"Sleep With Me" (1992) Directed by Rory Kelly

Now THIS movie is something different! It's a low-budget film and six different screenwriters each wrote scenes for the movie - but it is still a good flick and flows smoothly. "Sleep With Me" stars Meg Tilly, Eric Stoltz, and Craig Sheffer as long-time friends. The general plot of the movie is to examine contemporary relationships in what has been called "the most original romantic comedy of the year" (Daphne Davis - Movies & Videos)

Joseph (Stoltz) and Sarah (Meg) have been together for several years when he decides to marry her. However, this prompts their mutual friend Frank (Sheffer) to voice his feelings for Sarah, which - as you can imagine - tends to put a kink in their relationships. Their friends (a real bunch of characters) are not afraid to express their opinions of the situation. Also - watch for Quentin Tarantino in a cameo role (hint - he's at the party...)

A lot of fans have written me and asked for more screen captures from this movie, so here they are! Please scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see them all. I have gone from three pictures to nine, so hope this is what you were looking for!
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