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"Where ya gonna go? Where ya gonna run? Where ya gonna hide? Nowhere. Cuz there's no one... like you... left."

"Body Snatchers" (1993) Directed by Abel Ferrara

Okay, so it IS another remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", and the plot is essentially the same... but don't pass on this one because of that! Abel Ferrara did a great job keeping the suspense level up and the silliness down. "Body Snatchers" stars Meg Tilly, Terry Kinney, and Gabrielle Anwar with Forrest Whittaker in a supporting role. Once again, aliens have landed and are hatched from pods then (in a particularly gruesome fashion) slither their tentacles into a human's body and drain the life force out while creating a "clone". The story centers around the Malone family who have come to a southern Army post. Steve Malone (Kinney) is a consultant hired to investigate toxic waste levels. Carol (Meg) is his second wife, and there's an obvious rift between her and Steve's daughter Marti (Anwar), through whose eyes this story is told. All I'll tell you about the movie is that nobody is safe!

Meg won the APEX award for Best Supporting Actress in a Horror Film for her role in "Body Snatchers". I knew about this, but couldn't find any reference to it, so I want to extend a personal "Thank You!" to Rhiannon O'Connor for finding the link for me!

On a personal note, I actually visited the location set in Selma, Alabama. I was living in Texas at the time and drove over when I found out Meg was shooting there. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, Meg had finished her scenes and had gone home, but I stayed a couple of days and watched them film. There's a scene in a bar, and I was outside during that shooting. Too bad I'm not a Gabrielle Anwar fan! Finally, that IS a body double in that one particular scene. Watch the credits closely...

Update! I now have this movie on DVD and have put up a much improved set of video captures. Also, there are more of them (in response to so many requests!) Enjoy, Meg-fans... this is for all of us!

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