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"Psycho II" (1983) Directed by Richard Franklin

What can I say? "Psycho II" takes up where the original "Psycho" left off, with Norman Bates being released from prison having finally been declared sane. Anthony Perkins returns as Bates, with Vera Miles returning as Lila Loomis, sister of the shower victim in the original, who seriously protests Norman's release. Meg stars as Mary, a waitress at the diner where Norman gets a job who (conveniently) has no place to stay so gets invited to stay with Norman. Robert Loggia also appears as Doctor Raymond, one of Norman's few friends, and Dennis Franz appears in a supporting role as a sleazy manager at the Bates Motel.

"Psycho II" is not quite as good as the original, yet is still much better than the stream of other "Psycho-sequels" that come after this one. The producer, Hilton Green, was the First Assistant director on the original "Psycho" so you'll notice a hearty attempt to stick with the Hitchcock style of suspense and mystery.

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