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"Impulse" (1984) Directed by Graham Baker

Ever wonder what it would be like if everyone around you suddenly started giving in to every impulse? That's what happens in "Impulse". Meg stars in the role of Jennifer, with Tim Matheson playing her boyfriend/lover and Hume Cronyn as the town doctor. Bill Paxton has a minor role as Jennifer's brother.

While I found "Impulse" interesting, it was not overly exciting. Of course, it was interesting watching the people acting on whatever whim and whimsy they might suddenly have - things like urinating on a car in broad daylight, then walking away with a casual "Good Morning", or breaking ones own fingers to show what "real pain" is! I think I liked it more the first time I saw it when it first came out. Maybe I've just seen too many movies about small towns being stricken with major problems...

I did think Meg looked pretty good in this movie, so I had a hard time deciding which captures to post. Also, I wanted to post the picture of Meg dancing for all those fans who nicely reminded me that Meg also dances in "Impulse". I hadn't seen it in a while, and discovered my copy was the wrong "Impulse"!! It has the right sleeve, but the movie inside is the "Impulse" starring Theresa Russell. Nothing against Ms Russell, but she's no Meg Tilly!

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