In the Best Interest of the Child
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"In the Best Interest of the Child" (1990) Directed by David Greene

Although this was a 'made for TV' movie, it's still a powerful, heartwrenching story about a mother who will do anything to protect her child. Meg plays the role of Jennifer Colton, a divorced woman whose daughter displays odd, irrational behavior and having late-night screaming episodes. After several visits to doctors and therapists, she discovers her daughter has apparently been sexually abused. She comes to believe that her ex-husband, Walt (played by Michael O'Keefe) is the culprit.

The movie concentrates mostly on a sensitive issue in our society. In addition to the seriousness of sexual abused children, some very ironic and frustrating facts about our legal system in matters like this are brought to light. I won't go into detail (hey.. I want you to watch the movie!) but you may be surprised at what happens in a "legal" sense.

You're going to spot quite a few familiar stars in supporting roles. Ed Begley Jr. plays Meg's lawyer and friend, James Eckhouse ("Beverly Hills 90210") plays Walt's lawyer, and Jim Byrnes ('Lifeguard' on "Wiseguy") plays Kurt, a family friend, and David (You've Seen My Face In A Million Movies) Wohl plays the trial judge. I thought Wohl did an excellent job of portraying a judge who was torn between what he feels and the letter of the law!

All in all, while "In the Best..." may not be the most uplifting movie, I think you will enjoy another fine dramatic role by Meg, of course, as well as a well written and played story. Although there are no "This is based on a true story..." bits, I think you'll find yourself pondering the frailty of our legal system.

I apologize for the poor quality of these video captures, and because they look even worse when they are enlarged, I have not linked these pictures to larger versions. Hope you understand, and if I ever get a better copy, I'll redo these pictures. ** Doc **

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