Meg's Interview at the re-release of "The Big Chill"

Not really a lot on this page, but thought you true Meg-fans would like to see it. As you probably know, "The Big Chill" was recently re-released after 15 years. On the video, there are some brief interviews with the stars after the movie. These pictures are from that interview (except for the picture above, which I found out there on the Web somewhere...)

Below I've added a transcript of Meg's brief part of the interview from the VHS video tape version....

"Larry.. umm... did this really amazing thing. He had the script and then he had a whole 'nother script that.. that.. we rehearsed, we memorized and we worked.. which were scenes in between the scenes that we were actually gonna shoot so everbody had the same reference point as to where we were coming from."

Thanks to my good friend Matt Manning, a Meg-fan from the U.K. (who's ALMOST as enthusiastic about Meg as I am!) here are excerpts from Meg's interview that are included on the DVD version of the re-release of "The Big Chill".

(On the character of Chloe):

"It was interesting because some people's take on her..they'd call her airhead or bimbo..really hurt me because she was really smart."

"Some people grieve in different ways. It's a sense of removal or, all of a sudden, something that's not appropriate can strike you as very funny because it's either that or burst into tears."

(This is illustrated with the moment in the dinner-table scene when William Hurt says "I know what Alex would say..'what's for dessert'?" and Chloe bursts out laughing).

"She wasn't going to go on and on and deify Alex because she was living with him and she knew him for what he was and who he was now. A lot of the other people (the other characters) were projecting onto Alex all of the qualities they wanted him to have, so sometimes, (Chloe) listening to everybody talking about didn't seem true to her."

"I think it was hard for her but she was trying to come to terms with it her own way."

(During the rehearsals when the entire cast lived for three weeks in the actual house in South Carolina, Glenn Close brought 'Trivial Pursuit' with her from Canada, a game which at that time had not been released in America yet. Meg recalls that and other ways they spent their breaks between takes..)

"Everybody played 'Trivial Pursuit' except me because I knew no trivia and nobody wanted me on their team (laughs) but we would dance and laugh and talk.."

(Meg recalling the scene in which Jeff Goldblum and Kevin Kline walk through the snake-infested field in the rain together..)

"Somebody had found this nest of rattle-snakes, these huge, huge rattle-snakes, that had been living there for years and then we had this scene the next day where the guys were going out into the field..(laughing) and they were really scared to go out into the field."

Thanks, Matt and Tom!!

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