Winnetka Road

Welcome to the "Winnetka Road" page. I'm happy to have finally tracked down copies of all five episodes of this short-lived series! Unfortunately, because they are copies, the video quality isn't the greatest so please forgive the image captures. But, better'n nothing, right?

"Winnetka Road" is what I like to call a bedroom soap because it sure seems that eventually all of the characters were finding themselves in each other's bedrooms! Meg plays a character named "George Grace" who is a photographer and married to "Sterling Grace", an older gent played by Sandy McPeak. Her character is dark, moody, and wears lots of black clothing (isn't that just like her!!) The setting is a suburb of Chicago, and was billed as a night-time soap opera, similar to "Knots Landing" or something like that.

While the show is interesting and has its titillating moments, I didn't find it that enticing which may be why it didn't last very long. However, one special note is that Meg wrote the script for one episode - so she's been writing for quite a while! Not much more I can add except a list of the main cast:

Ed Begley Jr. - Glenn Barker
Josh Brolin - Jack Passion
Kurt Deutsch - Kevin Page
Catherine Hicks - Jeannie Barker
Meg Tilly - George Grace
Paige Turco - Terry Mears
Megan Ward - Nicole Manning
Kellen Hathaway - Nicky (Nicholas)
Jayne Frazer - Patti
Eddie Bracken - Father Burke
Kristen Cloke - MayBeth
Richard Gilliland - Jason
Richard Herd - Mike
Sandy McPeak - Sterling Grace
Harley Venton - Stan Oldman

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