Mr. Pinball's Blacklist

Due to unpopular demand, and cries for justice we have been forced to acknowledge that bad guys do exist in the world of pinball. Mr. Pinball sincerely regrets having to list anybody on this page.

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The Worst of the Worst--Certified Crooks

Below we have listed those who are actively being sought by law enforcement, have an legal judgement against them, or have been arrested pending prosecution. Do not deal with these people--CALL THE POLICE!

If you know someone who should be listed below please let us know. It is very hard to get on this list. Everyone has sold a 'lemon', or has had a deal go sour. Honest individuals will try hard to compensate for these things happening. Dishonest people make a living doing this. Please do not nominate someone because they shipped you something and it had a scratch on it.

If you are aware of any incorrect information listed below or have additional information we should include please contact us.
Mr. Mark Uttley in approx. 2006
Mr. Mark Uttley
in approx. 2006
Name: Mark David Uttley
Aliases: Stephen Anderson, Mark Uttley, Mike Sutton (6/2019), Jim (6/2019), Norm (6/2019), David Rutherford (6/2019), Mark Dundas (2/2019), Mark Uttleys, Marc Uterly, Mike Uttley (2/2009 unconfirmed), Mark Seed (8/2007), Marc, Mark Bridges, Mark D Uttley, Mike, R Bellanger, Philco Predicta, Mike Arcade (7/2013), Ross, David Simmonds, Doug, NeetStuff4u, Dave Seed, David, Ann Seed (his mother), Howard Uttley (his father), Paul Winters, Serge, Darina Ana Bokrosova (an acquaintance who was tricked into providing him Internet access), Larrs Stanton, Andrew Denton, Steve McPhee, Roger (12/2008), Ronald, Jim (6/2008), Blane (10/2008), Mark Ross, Shane (11/2012).
Works with Brooklyn Duvall who is in on the scam. (November 2022)
Sometimes uses an innocent individual, Tim Vandalen, to help him with machines. Claims to be related to a Christopher Seed, 1-905-928-6631, but Mr. Seed claims he doesn't know Mr. Uttley (who claimed to be Dave Seed at the time.) In December 2008 referred to a partner named James. Used the name Roxanne Belanger (a girlfriend) on a bank account in December 2008. Also uses Roxanne Belanger, Roxanne Ballenger, and Roxanee Bellanger as a name for receiving goods. Might also be using the name John Bowering (4/2013). Sometimes uses alias Len Cross (8/2013), Michael (6/2015), Jim (4/2019)

Posting again on as Jim in City of Toronto in June 2019. Also posted as The Man Cave Amusements under Toys & Games in Brantford in July 2018.

On-line Forum IDs: audioasis, and mustang sammy on
pinutts and pinutts73 on MAACA. See this and this for discussion about his true identity being disclosed in August, 2006.
Has used madeinengland73, valvehifi, turnsmywheel, pin_doc, classichevy57, analog_corner, monte710, m_mechanical (8/2006), the_sound_barrier (12/2006), beam_echo (3/2007), mrfixxxxxxxxxxit (4/2007), gladioly68 (an account stolen from a former acquaintance--6/2007), doc_brown1955 (8/2007), weird_stuff_ca (12/2007), pinball_doc (2/2008), mrs_used_ca (6/2008), Electromechanicalguy (05/2009), bdu_appliances (07/2011), maytag_neptune_ca (08/2012), belangerroxanne2013 (02/2013), clock_collector_canada (02/2013), reel_head (05/2013), reallyhighonfidelity (08/2013), and maytagrepairman (12/2013) as eBay IDs. Some of these IDs no longer exist. May have used 6893jenn as an eBay ID, but not confirmed.
As of January 2016 is placing ads on

Unsure if this is the same Mr. Mark Uttley. Photo taken prior to 2008
Unsure if this is the
same Mr. Mark Uttley.
Photo taken
prior to 2008
Business Names: Town and Country Appliances (11/2022), The Man Cave Amusements, King's Appliances (6/2019), Clearance Appliance Outlet (6/2019), Best Buy Appliances (6/2019), Canadian Appliance Liquidation (6/2019), Used Appliance Outlet (6/2019), Ontario Jukebox Repair (6/2019), The Appliance Outlet (6/2019), Mr. Amusement Canada, MDU Electronics, King Amusements (worked for the owner, David King, for a while), Pinballs Are Us (NOT RELATED to the Atlanta, Georgia-based company which runs

Sells under FaceBook Marketplace under the name of Sol Kennedy, Appliance Deals, and Willy Tanner.

In August 2006 was operating out of the basement of a golf discount store close to Limeridge Mall on Limeridge Road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Buys bulk loads of damaged, old, or non-working appliances and parts them out and might fix them up for resale, or just sells as-is.

Phone: 1-289-230-6796 cell (beginning 7/2018), 1-(905) 628-4528 Ext. 9 (3/2007), 1-519-648-2039, 1-905-547-4592, 1-905-523-1406, 1-519-648-3475, 1-905-659-0054, 1-905-547-6122 (King Amusements), 1-905-920-1829 (Cell), 1-905-549-0748 (4/01), 1-905-574-3867 (Tim Vandalen 6/01), 1-905-690-3032 (8/03), 1-905-690-0962 (Dave Simmonds 2/04 or Doug 4/04, Dave/David 10/04), 1-289-439-9600 (Ann 11/04), 1-905-627-5003, 1-905-807-5003 (6/08--Do not call this number, as it may not belong to Mr. Uttley ), (905) 628-4528 ext.: 16 (4/07), (905) 531-4862 (6/07), 905-807-6275 (4/08), 905-659-9992 (10/08), 905-807-0612 (12/08), 905-807-3077 (05/09), 905-807-1443 (10/2011), 905-627-8380 (11/2011), 905-628-1653 (02/2012), 905-628-9434 (08/2012), 905-627-8133 (11/2012), 289-880-5961 (8/2013), 905-536-5019 burner phone (beginning 12/2015), 289-527-1906 (beginning 01/2016)
Location: 69 Westhampton Way, Stoney Creek, ON (5/2021 his residence, a townhouse)

In May 2009 was living in an apartment on Campbellville Rd in Hamilton, Ontario.

Says he lives in Ancaster (8/2013), Oakville/Flambro Burlington Ontario (1/06), mail box in Hamilton (and/or Puslinch) Ontario, Canada. Brantford, Ontario, Canada (although phone given was a Hamilton number.) Burlington, Ontario, Canada LOR 1H2 (10/04).
Also has been to auction in Starburst.
In May 2005 had a victim wire around $2,000.00 US to a bank in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada to pay for a pair of Tannoy red 15" dual concentric drivers (speakers) that were never shipped.
In May 2006 had a victim wire over $4,000.00 US to a bank in Dundas, Ontario, Canada for a 1950s Wurlitzer jukebox.
Someone by the name of Stephen Anderson fled Ontario for Halifax due to death threats in 2005, but this is probably not the same person. The Halifax Stephen Anderson does not have a stellar reputation as well!
Mailing addresses used are:
69 Westhampton Way, Stoney Creek, ON (his residence, a townhouse) with Brooklyn Duvall (November 2022)

Hamilton, ON L0R2H8

289 Inverness Ave.
Hamilton, Ontario

16 Anne Street (or Ann Street)
Dundas (or Burlington), Ontario L9H-2N5 (has moved from here)
Canada (4/2007--Not his residence but a mailing address he uses a lot.)

190 Govenors Road
Dundas, Ontario

260 Hatt Street
Dundas, Ontario L9H 2H2
Canada (someone's personal encounter with "Mark" at this address.)

4-58 Burris St or
58 Burris St
Ontario L8M 2J4

21 Meaghan Street
Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H5

4 Giffen (or Giffon) Road
Dundas, Ontario L9H 6S1
(This is his mother and step dad, Mel Seed's house.)

4 Giffin Road
Dundas, ON L9H6S1

Burlington, Ontario, L9H 2N5
Canada (2/2008)

Oakville, Ontario, L8M 2S7
Canada (4/2007)

Dundas, Ontario, L9H 2H5 or L9H 1B8
Canada (8/2007 & 7/2013)

22 14th Concession Road East
Puslinch, Ontario N0B 2J0
Canada (used in 3/2010 but landlord claims no longer there and that he was evicted in Sept. 2009.)

22 Spring Creek Drive
Waterdown, Ontario (6/2019)

22A King St East
Dundas, Ontario (6/2019)

22 King St
Dundas, Ontario (5/2017), near Dairy Queen. Claims to be Maytag repairman and selling used cars from this location.

Sometimes lives with his mother in Puslinch, but address is not confirmed. Ann Seed is his mother's remarried name. Step father is against his living there.
Rumor is that he has a "warehouse in London, Ontario".

Smokes long thin cigarettes with dark brown wrapping. Drives an almost new black Chrysler Town and Country mini van. May use the name, Dundas Appliances. (8/2013)

For about two years lived at a rental property on Highland Park Drive, Dundas, Ontario (2009-2010). He was kicked out in mid-August 2010 for non-payment of rent. Rumor is that from there he purchased and moved to a house at 14 Griffin Road in Dundas.

In 2009 the police removed him from the Highland Park address above and he spent 2-3 months in jail. Apparently he is still repairing pinball machines and jukeboxes in his garage.

Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (4/2007), (4/2007), (5/2007, maybe him, but not confirmed), (6/2007), (6/2007), (6/2007), (6/2007), (6/2007), (8/2007), (8/2007), (10/2007), (10/2007), (11/2007), (11/2007), (12/2007), (12/2007), (12/2007), (12/2007), (2/2008), (2/2008), (4/2008), (6/2008), (6/2008), (12/2008), (12/2008), (01/2009), (01/2009), (02/2009), (2/2009), (06/2009), (3/2010), , (11/2011), (02/2012), (08/2012), (08/2012), (08/2012), (08/2012), (08/2012), (05/2013), (06/2013), (07/2013), (06/2015), and (06/2019).


Physical Description: About 6' 1" tall, about 340 lbs. with naturally grey hair. Used to be dark blond, faded red, or light brown hair. Wears glasses. May have both ears pierced and smokes. Has a tatoo on one arm. Injured his foot years ago and a botched surgery or recovery left him with one foot larger than the other. Sometimes drives a late model red Ford Mustang that doesn't belong to him. At one time wore a visor and drove a mid-90s green Suburban. Was travelling with a woman that he lead some to believe was his wife or girlfriend. It is unknown if he actually is married. Born in England, May 8, 1972 and is 50 years old (in 2022). Very friendly and is the last guy you'd expect to steal from you.

One report has him driving an old black Chevy pickup for years.

He is known in his local area as a 'lying thief' and a professional con artist. When a call was made to defend him in, no one stepped forward to say anything good about him. Only horror stories have come forth.

Received government disability.

Mr. Uttley often pops up on-line under a new alias often claiming to have rare and mint condition games, parts, and audio equipment and located in Ontario, Canada.

Mr. Uttley is accused of mail fraud. He accepted payment for the following items from four different customers and did not ship:
These represent several hundreds of dollars of items. This is only a partial list of items fraudulently 'sold' by Mr. Uttley.

In 2005
he received audio equipment, a Leak Point one Pre and ST-20 amp, but paid for it with a bad check. The local police arrested him and searched his apartment, locating this and other stolen property. His court appearance was to be in March 2005 and he is expected to spend time in jail.

Mr. Uttley apparently spent little time in jail, if any, and as of May 2021 is still commiting fraud.

Apparently he also has a court order to not do any Internet sales, which he has been violating.

In April 2007 he was running several ads on Kijiji Canada for Audio equipment, pinball machines, and jukeboxes wanted.

In May 2007 he may have been attempting to sell a KISS pinball on the Toronto Craigslist, but this has not been confirmed.

In June and July 2007 he was actively trying to buy and sell on Toronto

In August 2007 Mr. Uttley scammed someone for $500 worth of Genesis tickets.

In February 2008 'Dave' was actively trying to sell on eBay, and Kijiji Toronto and Hamilton.

In May 2008 a Mark David Uttley (as Stephen Anderson) was charged with arson on a vacant house on Maltby Road, Puslinch, Ontario, Canada. Damage was estimated to be about $60,000.00. This Mark David Uttley is aged 35 years at the time and living in Dundas, Ontario and was also charged with Breaking and Entering as well as Breach of Probation. Mr. Uttley was scheduled to appear in Guelph Court on May 12th, 2008 for a Bail Hearing. This person appeared to the court as Stephen Anderson. It is believed that his mother and attorney were hiding him from further prosecution.

In December 2008 Mr. Uttley was actively trying to sell on Kijiji Toronto and Hamilton.

In December 2008 he stole $1800 by not delivering a Star Wars pinball in another province. Funds were recovered.

In January 2009 Mr. Uttley was actively trying to sell on Kijiji Toronto and Hamilton.

In February 2009 Mr. Uttley was actively trying to sell on Kijiji Brampton.

In July 2010 Mr. Uttley was actively contacting Wanted advertisers on Kijiji in the Toronto area.

In April 2019 Mr. Uttley was actively trying to sell on Kijiji in southern Ontario under the name 'Jim'.

In June 2019 Mr. Uttley was actively trying to buy and sell on Kijiji in southern Ontario under the name 'Norm'.

Owns a beat up black pickup (2010) and a silver mini-van (August 2010).

May drive a ~2008 Ford SUV (6/2019)

If you meet him in person to pick up an item and pay for it with cash then he will probably not scam you and will be very convincing and pleasant.

If you are aware of the results of the above prosecutions or his current whereabouts, please let us know.
Last updated November 16, 2022

Names or alias: Stefan Desimone, Mike Diano, Steven Diano, David Gasper
Business Names: none-used
Age: 42 (in April 2009, birthdate is unknown)
Race: Caucasian
Phone: (617) 331-0655 (cell?), (401) 274-6044, (401) 480-8915, (401) 621-1662 (most current, using alias David Gasper)
Locations: Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Warwick, Rhode Island; Port Orange, Florida
Mailing addresses:
8 Park Plaza #176, Boston MA 02116 USA
86 Jewett St., Providence, RI 02908 USA
717 Niver St., Port Orange, FL 32127 USA
1 Waycross Dr., Warwick, RI 02888 USA
Postal Center USA, 695 Beverage Hill Dr., Suite 214, Pawtucket, RI 02861 USA
Bank: (used for receiving wired money)
Bank Boston
116 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA 02114
Acct. #011000390-18727238 under the name 'Stefan Defimone'
Email:,,,,,, (claimed that he used to own
Other: He claims to have a brother who works for the Boston Transit Authority on a project called 'Big Dig'.

Mr. Desimone is wanted by the FBI in Rhode Island (he has 3 outstanding warrants there), warrants in California, and he's been jailed in Florida. He has duped several people by claiming to have certain items for sale, not just pinball items. After receiving payment he disappears and of course does not ship. He is accused of fraudulently selling at least the following:
This is only a partial list of items fraudulently 'sold' by Mr. Desimone. If Stefan chooses to make good on these and other 'sales' by providing restitution, this entry in the blacklist will be gladly dropped, and apologies issued.

If you have more information about Mr. Desimone please contact any of the following:
Beverly Bartzer, FBI--Rhode Island, 401-272-8310, Fax 401-272-8335
Providence RI Police, 401-272-3121
Pawtucket RI Police, 401-727-9100

On April 28, 2003 Mr. Desimone was released from Federal Prison where his Federal Inmate Number is 04830-070. His current location is unknown.

Note: another individual with a similar name, Stefan C. DeSimone, lives in Maine and is not the criminal described above. However, this individual had a few problems with his cell phones business and he has been issuing refunds to solve the problems. He owns the domain (but no longer has a website for this domain.) If you have an outstanding complaint about this Stefan DeSimone, then
contact him directly. He is available and willing to work out any problems with anyone.
Last updated April 8, 2009

Names or alias: Ray E. Dequenne Sr.
Business Names: Ray E. Dequenne Sr. Distributing
Phone: (814) 634-0908
Locations: Garret, Pennsylvania; Newark, New Jersey, USA
Mailing addresses:
3401 Mason Dixon Hwy, Garret, PA 15542-8506

Mr. Dequenne has numerous liens against him for thousands of dollars. He has declared bankruptcy and has defaulted on a number of loans. He says that any assets that he has he keeps in his son-in-law's name to avoid any claims against him. He has threatened at least one individual with harm if he pursued a sheriff's sale or criminal charges.

A judgement on April 9, 1999, was for $6,000.00 which was received by Mr. Dequenne on January 13, 1999 for 4 pinball machines, including delivery, which were never delivered.

Mr. Dequenne resurfaced on August 8, 2000 attempting to sell a 1980 Bally Dixieland (bingo) pinball using his PA phone number, but a location of Newark, NJ.

Mr. Dequenne in early 2001 was listed as a Pennsylvania distributor and in late 2001 is listed in the REPLAY and PLAYMETER directory issues, but was not supposed to be. He currently does not claim to be an authorized distributor of any factories but advertises gaming-styled machines. In early 2002 he is using his latest email address with

In December 2006 it was reported that Mr. Dequenne has a warehouse on route 219 in Meyersdale, PA.

If you have more information about Mr. Dequenne, or more information about other of his fraudulent dealings please
contact us.
Names or alias: Wayne Randolph Hendler Jr., Randy Buffalo, Randy Faye
Business Names: Buffalo Shipping
Phone: (919) 365-3288 (disconnected 7/28/00)
Locations: Zebulon, North Carolina; Apopka, Florida; Pompano Beach, Florida; Rumor is that he is currently in jail for an unrelated domestic charge.
Mailing addresses:
Rhonda Faye, P.O. Box 1272, Zebulon, NC 27597
1000 Gunwale Court, Wendell, NC 27591 (may be living here)
2923 Hanover Court, Apopka, FL 32703-4968 (may be his father's address)
17179 S. Main St., Pompano Beach, FL (may be living here)
4820 Schurr Rd., Clarence, NY 14031 (7/2017), his mother's home. Been there since 2005.
Other ID: Florida Drivers License Number is H53489669220
Email:, and some anonymous accounts.

Mr. Hendler's business, Buffalo Shipping, seemed to start out as legitimate. He started moving coin-op machines, mostly videos and pinballs, and was so successful that demand was greater than he could handle. He hired drivers and rented trucks to keep up with demand. After a while, the hired drivers started leaving, claiming that they were not paid. He ended up with a situation where he had dozens of machines scattered around the country waiting to be delivered and he had no money to do so. Complaints were filed and Mr. Hendler became hard-to-find.

At one time Buffalo Shipping had games stored at Cornerstone Storage 919-365-6448 on Highway 97 in Wendell, NC. It is unknown whether any games are still there.

APOP became aware of the locations of some of the machines and was able to raise donations to pay for discounted delivery using other freight companies for most of the stranded machines. APOP's effort is now over and a few machines are still to be located and shipped to their owners.

The FBI has been contacted and is investigating the case. The FBI case number is I00072118278698.

If you have been taken by Mr. Hendler/Buffalo Shipping and would like to add your complaint to the FBI case, contact them at

Prior to the pinball and arcade transportation scam, Mr. Hendler operated by 'repairing' washers, refrigerators and selling them through classified ads. Has a violent temper, but first comes across as your best friend.

Mr. Hendler's next court date is August 8, 2001 at the Wake County Courthouse in North Carolina (919) 755-4107. If you have a complaint you may be able to have him served papers at that time.
Last updated July 28, 2017

Names or alias: Paul Hyden, Andrew Hyden, David Cope, Aaron
Business Names: Daredevil Amusements
Phone: 706-549-3570, 706-714-4104
Locations: 'Near Atlanta'; Athens, Georgia.
Mailing addresses:
105 E. Whitehall Rd., Athens, GA 30605 (now obviously abandoned)
960 Oconee, Athens, GA

Paul and David Cope contacted several people who were seeking unusual pinball parts, older backglasses and playfields, and took their money and didn't ship anything. Paul may have used the alias of Andrew Hyden. David Cope appears to be a separate individual that is also involved.

On September 5, 2001 several customers were contacted by someone claiming to be Paul's brother Andrew stating that Paul was killed in a motorcycle accident on August 23, 2001 and that he was settling Paul's remaining business. However, one customer received his last email from Paul on August 24. Another customer last had contact with Paul in mid-September 2001 and his money order was cashed on September 28, 2001. No one has received refunds or merchandise.

Mr. Cope is now in the Athens-Clarke County Jail in Georgia. Mr. Paul Hyden is being investigated.

In April 2007 we were contacted by someone claiming to be Paul Hyden. He said that David Cope, was a neighbor of his, broke into his house and stole his and his son's (Andrew), Social Security cards. This would explain the multiple aliases used by Mr. Cope.

In September 2009 someone named David Cope residing in Athens, Georgia was stiffing his landlord on rent and doing drugs.
Last updated September 29, 2009

Names or alias: Ivo Martin Jebsen, Ivo Jebsen, Martin Jebsen, Wil, or Cory, Gartner, Ivo Jepsen, Jesse Jepsen.
Wife used the name Beth B.
Age: 50 (in October 2016)
Locations: 7900 block of Huntwick Hill N.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Leduc, Alberta
Phone: 403-483-8697, 403-464-1320 (4/2019)
eBay ID: pinsnvidsguy

Mr. Jebsen defrauded several pinball collectors via eBay and Craigslist. He sold non-existing pinball/arcade machines. He was suspended by eBay for fraud. He was arrested by Calgary Police on April 28, 2004 and charged with fifteen counts of pinball/arcade-related fraud. His case is pending before the courts and a conviction is expected.

Mr. Jebsen also was being sought regarding automobile-related fraud where he would offer auto repairs for a steep discount, take a down payment for the needed "parts", and then turn around and sell the car to a second victim!

In December 2004, Mr. Jebsen was active in some arcade machine-related business. It is unknown as to whether fraud was intended as the deal was terminated due to the potential victim becoming aware of Mr. Jebsen's previous activities through this web page.
If you have more information about this individual, contact Calgary Police at Distict 3, 1-403-284-3393.
In late 2008 may have been running another scam, this time on Craigslist.

He is also using (in Calgary) to run scams as well.

On Oct. 13, 2011, Calgary Police arrested Mr. Jebsen again with charges of fraud, dating from events dated Dec. 15, 2008 to Sep. 13, 2011. He was charged with 15 counts of fraud. He ran an Internet scam of accepting money for items that he never shipped. He fraudulently sold a milling machine, jukeboxes, 2010 Olympic tickets, pinball machines, hot tubs, and more. 13 victims were involved totaling $15,500.
Details of the arrest are on CTV News, Calgary.
Word is that Mr. Jebsen is out of jail in May, 2013.

Mr. Jebsen fraudulently sold a truck twice in 2017 using

Last updated April 15, 2019

Names or alias: Remus Daniel Marin, John Fennema, Andy Croft, Karl Denilson
Location: London, United Kingdom, OR
Ave. Gregorio Gea; Nr.20, Pta.20

This person or persons have been accused of running a scam by advertising an Addams Family GOLD pinball and not delivering after receiving payment. This scam was run in October 2004. The thief appears to be located in Spain as the money was wired to a bank in Valencia, Spain. If you have more information about this scam
please contact us.
Name: Frank Lindner
Aliases: Walter Kedzorian, Walter Kedzeore, Walter Kedziora
Location: Chicago, Illinois (possibly in Norridge, a suburb, living with business partner, Walter Kedzorian or this could be just an alias.)
Used to be located at 420 W. Columbus Rd, S. Charlston, Ohio.
Phone: (937) 462-8156 (no longer valid)
(224) 616-1762 (T-mobile cell phone)
(224) 612-6178
Fax: (937) 462-9336 (assumed no longer valid)
eBay ID: walterhdtv, blaker10 (maybe)

Mr. Lindner did reproduction backglasses and plastics. He claimed to have a digital technique that is unique and faithful to the original. Some of those that have received backglasses and plastics from him have been happy with the results. Others complain about the poor color matching. Most complain about receiving nothing.

The problem is that he has accepted pre-payment for several items that he has failed to deliver. Months have gone by and he has not made good on several deals he agreed to.

In addition, Mr. Lindner has received several backglasses from trusting individuals who expected him to copy the glass and return it. He has disappeared with the money and the backglasses. He may have been selling these glasses off on eBay using the walterhdtv identity.

He has been acting like a scammer--not answering emails, not answering the phone, not returning phone calls, moving suddenly, and saying something was ready or shipped when it was not.

We do not recommend dealing with this individual.

Mr. Lindner used to call us every few weeks with an update to his printing technique. We have encouraged him to make good on his commitments, but he appears to have failed. We have not heard from him since September 2006. At that point Frank said he was overwhelmed with work and is not taking new orders and is slowly taking care of existing orders and expected to be caught up by November 2006. We do not believe he has delivered anything since mid-summer 2006. As of March 2007 he has not been located and has not done restitution.

If you locate Mr. Lindner, you may contact the S. Charlston Police (937) 462-8822 who are looking for him.

In early Fall 2006 we were contacted by a private investigator who was trying to track down Mr. Lindner. Apparently he has defrauded Ford Motor Co. and is being sought by them as well. He may drive a red Ford pickup and that may have something to do with his problem with Ford.

Most victims have told us that they don't want Mr. Lindner to go to jail. They just want their money and their backglasses back.
Last updated March 20, 2007

Name: Nchitu Glory, Ngwa Paul, Neba Gilbert, Neba Elvis Ambe, Elvis Ambe, and Ngwe Christelle
Aliases: Cody Kimball, Anderson, Scofield, Socfield Watts, Ngwa Shu, Ngwa Paul, Ngwa Paul Shu, Nji Jude Atanga, Neba Gilbert (claims to be Ngwa Paul's mother), Elvis Ambe, Pauli, Paudo S., Bat Henry, Mofor Eric, and Ngwe Christelle Atanga.
test question...........what? answer....................coin door. Fake Shipping Company: Mailexpress Cameroon
Address: 110 Tempest Road, St. Victoria, 00237, Cameroon
201 Rueoz, St Vicky, Douala, Cameroon 00237
021 Carley's Street, St Victoria., 00237, Cameroon
541, rue .16 Avenue Kenedy, Limbe, Cameroon
023, bch street, St Victoria, Victoria, South-West, 00237, Cameroon
451, Queens Rd. Bonanjo, South West, Cameroon, 00237
247, queens blvd Limbe, Limbe, Cameroon, 00237
Sometimes claims to be elsewhere like Cameroon Park, TX which does not exist, but Cameron Park does.
Also claims to be located in Camden, TX.
Also claims to be located in Leeds UK.
Also claims to be located in Limbe, North west, 00237, Cameroon.
Also claims to be located in "Cameroon at the soot of South Africa."
; Phone: +447031813622, 0023779335206, (00237) 79-33-52-06, (00237) 79-33-61-80, 237-907-45403

Used Western Union with a Test Question of "Our Goal" and Answer of "Best services".
Used Western Union with a Test Question of "my name?" and Answer of "Neba".

Claims to have hard to find pinball parts. Uses stolen photos for proof. Does not have anything. Do not be fooled!

Has fooled several people into sending money and then refuses to answer email.

Claims to have cousin, Roselyne 'Rose' Ebenwe that receives Western Union payment at Lanhan dr. in Seabrook, Maryland. She claims to live at 922 Chancelor rd. in Bowie, Maryland or in New Mexico. Her phone number is 240-486-0267.

Might be a husband/wife team with Nchitu the wife, and Ngwa the husband. Might have a son named Ngwa.
Uses translator services to try to scam non-english readers.
Last updated August 8, 2017

Name: Fletcher Scot
Location: 45 Old Manchester Road, UK

May have a chinese accent.

Stole 200 dollars through wire fraud. Was supposed to ship a Terminator 2 cabinet sticker set.

Last updated May 19, 2009

The Probably Bad--Almost Crooks

Below we have listed those who are currently being investigated by law enforcement, have someone initiating legal judgement against them, or have repeatedly lied--knowing that the buyer had little to no legal recourse due to their being in a far away country. We advise against dealing with these people for the time being.

If you are aware of any incorrect information listed below or have additional information we should include
please contact us.
Name: Alfred Neville, Nevile
Email:, (03/2013)

Claims to have parts for sale. Has no parts. Claims to be located in California, USA. Probably located in West Africa. Wants to be paid via Western Union or MoneyGram.

Do NOT believe anything this person says. He has no parts.
Last updated March 5, 2013

Name: Gregauto Spares
Phone/Cell: +447031802710, +447024064073

Claims to have parts for sale. Has no parts. Claims to be located in United Kingdom. Probably located in West Africa. Wants to be paid via Western Union or MoneyGram.

Do NOT believe anything this person says. He has no parts.
Last updated January 14, 2013

Name: Bogdan Szkrobol
Location: Strumien/Raciborz, Poland
Business: Estes Company

This person lies about the condition of machines and has had problems either selling items more than once, selling items not as described (wrong photos), or just not shipping the items. A recent deal (02/2012) involved eight machines sold that were described as working but were missing parts and broken. Use caution in dealing with this individual.
Last updated February 24, 2012

Name: Jacques Yong
Aliases: Yong T, Brandon
Location: 1243 Diegem, Woluwelaan, Belgium
Phone: +32 726 3006

This person listed several machines for sale on our web site in Fall 2006. He sold a Black Knight 2000 in November 2006, but did not deliver the machine and has given excuses instead of delivering the machine or refunding the money.
Names: Fernando Jorge Bigi and Oscar Saidon
Company: Gaucho Pinball
Location:Cno. Centenario 712, Villa Elisa, Beunos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54-221-473-2985, 0054-11-4307-1243, 0054-9-11-4189-9996
Web Site:

This business (and individuals) have sold several cargo containers of pinball machines where the machines were trashed but were described as being complete, working, and in good condition. Contrary to the original agreement, one buyer's container ended up with lesser value contents and was shipped 1,000 miles short of the original agreed location. The machines are accruing storage fees for months while awaiting pickup! Then they cost over $8000 to get them delivered from there. Very few legs were included (rusty and unusable), and the worst--2/3 of the machines' displays were missing. No bargains here.

Be very careful when dealing with this business.
Last updated March 4, 2009

Common Scams

Below are listed a few popular scams to watch for. We have no real names for the individuals that run these, so you'll just have to be careful and watch for these. Like most scams, these prey upon people's eagerness to get more than they deserve. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it is likely a scam. If the transaction involves Western Union, then it's a scam.

If you know of more scams or variations on one of the scams listed below,
please let us know.
Cashiers Check & Money Order Fraud--This scam starts with someone offering you a substantial amount over what is fair for an item you have for sale. Their excuse being that they received too much money from a contract or whatever, and you can help them out. Not only will they pay extra for the item, they'll send you several hundred or thousands more and you'll just need to refund the extra to them. They'll send you a forged cashier's check or money order (they don't tell you it's bad) and you're supposed to deposit it and wire the overpayment amount to their foreign bank. A week or two later when your bank discovers the forgery, they charge your account for the full amount and you're out the item and the amount you wired them!

This scam is usually run from outside the US, often from Nigeria, other West African countries, or even Europe, so prosecution is impossible in most cases. If you send these thieves your pinball machine you'll be depressed to know that they are not only enjoying your machine, but are spending your money. If you send them parts, then you can rest assured that they'll have no use for the parts and will throw them away.

The following is the text of an email sent to someone who posted a playfield for sale on Mr. Pinball so you know what the scam looks like (the details have been changed to protect the innocent and mock the guilty.)
Subj:   Re: INTERESTED!!! Buck Rogers playfield    
Date:   2/4/2003 12:09:07 AM Eastern Standard Time  
To: victim@victim.isp

Thanks for your mail. i will instruct a client of mine who is owing me 
$4,000 to issue a cashiers check in your name and once the check clears your
bank, you deduct cost of the goods and my balance is sent back to me through 
western union money transfer or money gram transfer. I will send you enoung 
money that will cover both shipping and handing. as soon as the check is
sent out to you, i shall let you know. I want you to send it through a
courier service and deduct the money from my check, the delivery address is
to personal assistance who will be at hand to received the goods and the money.

For some real letters like this click here or here. For known scammers using this technique, click here. For more details on this and other potential scams and who to contact if you've fallen for this see the Iowa State Attorney General's Nigeria Counterfeit Check Scam web page.

Another popular scam arises on eBay (a stolen good account) or elsewhere when someone outside the US (England, Romania, Africa, anywhere!) offers to sell a very expensive game for a huge discount. Be very cautious and suspicious about deals with individuals outside the US, especially when popular machines are heavily discounted. These thieves are counting on suckers who are stupid, impatient, and/or greedy. A legitimate buyer or seller is not in so much of a hurry that they have to have money wired to them using Western Union. You should never, ever use Western Union to send money.

Another way to tell if the person who contacted you is a scammer is by their phone number. All phone numbers in the United Kingdom (England) starting with +44-70 are free forwarded numbers and most of them are forwarded to West Africa to scammers. So if you see a phone number like +44-702..., then it's a scam. We are told that phone companies in Continental Europe have all calls to these numbers blocked as a standard.

For other popular scams see Snopes Urban Legend Scams, Scam-o-rama, and Quatloos.
Please see our List of Deadbeats. These people/businesses have received goods or services, promised to pay for them and never did.

If you have been taken by someone and would like to file charges, be sure to save evidence related to your situation. Evidence may include canceled checks, credit card receipts, phone bills, faxes, pamphlets or brochures, mailing envelopes, certified or other mail receipts, a printed copy of a Web site, chat room, or newsgroup text, or similar items. Keep items in a safe location until you are requested to provide them for investigative or prosecutive evidence. If requested to provide evidence, only send copies, not originals.

If your case involves US Mail in any way (payment or solicitation) the USPS would like to know and may prosecute.
For more information you may contact us by email, email form, or by phone at (801) 277-0888.
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