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Our chapter sponsors a variety of activities throughout the year. Here is the general schedule for what is upcoming in 2002.

Meetings of the chapter board of directors are open to all members and anyone with an idea or concern for the  board is invited to attend. An agenda is prepared in advance so it's a good idea to contact a board member beforehand. Meetings are held from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm in Salt Lake City.

Visitors are always welcome at chapter activities. If you're not sure you'll fit in with this friendly outfit give us a try sometime. We would genuinely enjoy having you along and chances are you'll have a great time too.

Crossroads Fall Field Trip

City of Rocks, Idaho Hensley Salt Lake Cutoff to the California Trail

Saturday, September 17, 2011

From Utah History to Go and our own Lyndia Carter:

"In the summer of 1848 Samuel J. Hensley made a discovery that greatly affected Utah history: a route from Salt Lake City to the California Trail near the City of Rocks in Idaho that would be followed by thousands of argonauts on their way to California. These gold seekers passing through Utah interacted with the local residents, ending their isolation and bringing changes to the economic and social scene. This gold corridor, which passed through Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Box Elder counties was a major road for several years and became known as the Salt Lake Cutoff.

"Hensley had gone to California in 1843 but went east to testify at the court-martial of John C. Fremont. Returning to California in 1848, Hensley and the 10 men with him attempted to cross the Salt Lake Desert by way of the Hastings Cutoff. They became mired in mud caused by heavy rain and had to backtrack to Salt Lake City. After replenishing their supplies, Hensley headed north to intersect the California Trail. By so doing, he pioneered a new route that would allow travelers to reach California by going through Salt Lake City where they could reprovision, rest their animals, rest, spend the winter if necessary, and perhaps satisfy their curiosity about the Mormons."

Here is the announcement from Linda Turner:

Hello everyone!  Wagons Ho at 9:00am * * SHARP in Snowville!

We only a few more days until our 4WD field trip Hensley SL Cutoff City of the Rocks. Our leader Roy Tea was wounded doing prep-work on the rail posts-carsonites and had a real nasty fall. He got over 22 stitches in his head! Thankfully, Roy is amazing and a very strong man. I just talked to him, and he's feeling much better and will have the stitches out in a day.  Keep him in your thoughts. He's  ready 'to roll' and has our field trip guides all printed up. Roy has two great right-hand men with him, Oscar Olson and Gar Elison. Thanks to everyone.  

BLM OR SNOWVILLE: If you'd like to car pool, check CB's and double up this coming Saturday the 17th, please meet at the BLM SLC Field Office parking lot  at 2370 S. 2300 W. SLC at 6:30 AM (allow time to find it). OR, if you prefer you can just meet us in Snowville at the Flying J Gas Station at 8:30 AM and please note that Roy says we're leaving at 9:00 AM  **SHARP** out of Snowville since we have a HUGE day ahead of us. 


SIGN UPS: If you want to go and aren't already on our list just let us know asap.

PLEASE BRING:  lunch and snacks, water, **heavy duty spare tires, chairs,  umbrellas, hats, meds, TP (remote areas) CB radios and of course remember it's 4WD. Some new locations may be difficult.

COST: The cost will be $7.00 per person and will include the usual morning coffee and donuts break in Snowville. Field Trip Guide Books will be available for $13.00 each. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE IF POSSIBLE  -- Thank you in advance. 

HOTELS: Bryce Billings kindly printed off some hotels in Burley, if you're interested . Some of you adventurous ones may want to try  'remote wilderness camping', if so you're on your own. Many of us will just head back to SLC.  Here's some hotels:

Looks like about $80-$90 (There are probably more):

Super 8 Heyburn Burley Area
Just north off I-84 exit 208 (ID-27/I-84-BL/Overland Ave) in Burley
336 S 600 W, Heyburn, ID 83336
(208) 678-7000

Fairfield Inn & Suites Burley
Just south off I-84 exit 208 (ID-27/I-84-BL/Overland Ave) in Burley
230 W 7th N, Burley, ID 83318
(208) 677-5000

BEST WESTERN Burley Inn & Convention Center
About 2 mi south  off I-84 exit 208 (ID-27/I-84-BL/Overland Ave) in Burley
800 N Overland Ave, Burley, ID 83318
(208) 678-3501

Any questions, email or call me. I'm having 'horse and dog problems' but I haven't given up going yet. Thanks so much to **Roy Tea, Drew, Oscar, Bryce, Gar and our Utah Crossroads President, T. Michael Smith for all they are doing in getting this tour up and rolling.  **Keep healing up Roy - tougher than concrete, we appreciate you.

Warmest wishes to all,
Linda Turner
Volunteer Coordinator


Trail Marking
Our chapter has an ongoing commitment to mark the historic trails that crisscross the state. At the present time we are placing strong, lasting markers made from railroad rails with stainless steel plaques attached that offer a brief description of the trail at that point, along the entire route of the Hastings Cutoff. Marking trails involves in-town preparatory work such as painting the markers and riveting on the plaques as well as hours in the field locating the trail and digging holes, making concrete and setting the markers in place. All this effort is fun and rewarding and a great way to make and renew friendships. We usually mark trails on Saturdays. Contact our Preservation Officer if you are interested.

Look for upcoming events which will appear here as they are scheduled.


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