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Here are items of interest to frequent visitors to this site.

The following is a list of recent major changes to this website:

Month of July, 2001
Updated Members page with a new roster as of 7/16/2001.
Month of June, 2001
Updated Activities page to remove outdated material and add new information.
Month of May, 2001
Updated Home and Activities pages. Turned off old site and redirected visitors here. Asked for links to old site to be changed.

Working on moving, 360 panoramas of the trails for a more "immersive" feel for the landscape. When ready, they will go on our Gallery page.

Added link on Links page to Heritage Trails Association Web site for their August to October 2001 wagon train from Provo, Utah to San Bernardino, California.

Month of April, 2001
Updated Discussion Forum  page to reflect the new software we are expecting to implement.

Updated text and added six pictures to Al Mulder's Trail Marking page. Thanks Al.

Added Discussion Forum software and set up a guest book. Will monitor for suitability.

Month of March, 2001
Updated Activities page especially to reflect current information on National Trails Day. Fixed all broken links on Links page and set them up to open in new windows.

Replaced Guestbook page with Lectures page and added Bill Smart's talk.

Added officers and directors to table on Members page. Added roster of all Crossroads members in Adobe Acrobat format to Members page.

Added Lectures page and removed Guestbook as fun but difficult to administer. Will replace with superior discussion forum software and add a section similar to the guestbook.

Updated Crossroads Survey on Home page.

Month of February, 2001
Obtained domain name and moved site to new server as www.utahcrossroads.org. Updated Activities page. Updated Home page graphics and content.
Month of March, 1997
Created Utah Crossroads Chapter, Oregon-California Trails Association web site.


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