Tim Arnold--How I Became a Pinhead, Page 5
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My pals and I would take whole Saturdays and drive
up to 100 miles to driving ranges, bus terminals, ice cream stores...just to
find unknown games!  I heard there's a gas station in Grand Rapids with 6 or 7
pinballs in the service bay!!  Saddle up the Hondas Hoss!  We're Ridin'!  I
liked the short flipper games the best, finding them a greater test of skill!
I'm a con-a-sure, don't ya know!  Going to school started to cut into pinball
time!  Come on!  I've already missed the 3:15 bus!  Who cares about dead
Egyptians??  Other interested began to fall by the wayside...comic books,
teevee sports (This is Howard Cosell!)  (The original square head!), junk food
(chips, coke, hershey), video games!, BUT IT WASN'T ENUF!

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