Tim Arnold--How I Became a Pinhead, Page 6
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I had to have my own machine!  I talked to
the guy who had the machines in the pizza place!  The 'Domino' is
350.00!  (All the $ in the world)  What do you have for $100.00?  And
eventually took home a Gottlieb 'Mayfair' which was set up in the garage!  Wow!
 That car wax made it play just like new!  The 3 of us who chipped in on it
 played for hours^H^H^H^H^HDays!  Then all the neighborhood kids started to
 come around!  I got all the dimes from my mom's purse!  Shame shame!  You're
 next after these guys!  This is fun!  Oops!  I just lost!  Soon there was
 enough for another machine!  A Gottleib 'Thoro-Bred'!

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