Tim Arnold--How I Became a Pinhead, Page 7
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On a trip to Chicago, I talked my way into see the
Bally factory.  (Bally Mfg.)  (Bally gear guy!  The factory is closed, but he's
still on the side of the building!)  When the lunch bell rang, several of the
employees took out their food and put it on the playfield they were working on!
 It's sacrilege! ?  I was stunned!!!  What is it about a new machine?  What is
 that great smell?  It's wombat feet!  I put one in every new game!  Bally used
 to give away a neato parts packet!  (Bally Moly Lube)  -Zoom- That playfield
 is slick!  The shipping box is good for trapping small children.  Hey!  Come
 on!  Let me out!  (Williams Electronic Games 3401 N. California, Chicago,
 Ill.  Product of USA)

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