Tim Arnold--How I Became a Pinhead, Page 8
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Everybody has one super great game in his life,
where for 5 balls, you can do NO WRONG!  I remember such a game!  I turned a
Gottlieb '2001' over TWICE!  People in the arcade stopped to watch!  Death
defying saves from the saide drain!  Lightning flipper work!  Perfect luck!
What can compare with this thrill???  What style!  (-DING- -DING- -DING-)
Massive!  Wow!  Don't think that because I'm into old games, I'm some old fuddy
duddy stick in the mud!  New games with ramps, voices, big power flippers and
stereo music brings the whole pinball experience to a new level!!!  (Pinbot
circuits activated!)  General thoughts of hatred toward authority.  (Pinbot)
(Skate or die!)  (orthopedic earth shoes)  (goofy punk boots)

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