John G. Whitnah and Mary Ann Carroll

John G. Whitnah Mary Ann Carroll
Birth: 20 Sep 1787 Martinsburg, Berkeley, Virginia Birth: 24 Feb 1804 Virginia
Marriage: 20 Sep 1823 Berkeley, Virginia
Death: 23 Nov 1854 Berkeley, Virginia Death: 28 Oct 1856
Father: Henry F. Whitenah Father: John Carroll
Mother: Margaret Burns Mother: Anne Littlen

John G. Whitnah was born September 20, 1787 in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, Virginia(1) to Henry F. and Margaret Whitenah. The first documented record of John G. occurs in 1806 when he purchased land from his grandfather, William Burns, Sr.(2) He served in the War of 1812(3), and upon the death of his father in 1819, moved back to the family farm, presumably to care for his mother. On 20 Sep 1823 he married Mary Ann Carroll(4), daughter of John Carroll and Anne Littlen who was born 24 Feb 1804. He continued on his father's land, throughout the years buying his brother's and sister's interest in the same. The family was Christian, affiliating with the Methodist Church(5), although no church records from the area have yet been located. John and Mary Ann raised a large family, although death and marriage took most of them from the home. In 1854 John sold the family farm with the intention of moving out "West" (probably to Illinois).(6)

Shortly following this sale, John died on 23 Nov 1854 at the home of his brother-in-law, Robert Campbell. A notice in the Martinsburg Gazette reads "He died as he had lived--a sincere Christian and an honest man."(7) John was buried on the Campbell property (see Campbell Cemetary and Grave of John G. Whitenah). John's will left his entire estate to his wife, who died 28 Oct 1856(8).

The following documents relate to John G. and Mary Ann:

John G. Whitnah and Mary Ann Carroll are the parents of the following children:
  1. Margaret Anne Whitnah
  2. John Davis Whitnah. John was born 31 Jan 1827 and died 15 Feb 1829.(9)
  3. Eli Carroll Whitnah
  4. John Summerfield Whitnah
  5. Samuel Whitnah, married Miss Smith.(10)
  6. Sarah Campbell Whitnah
  7. Eliza Russel Whitnah, born 22 Dec 1836, died 7 Oct 1856.(11)
  8. Mary Virginia Whitnah, born 30 May 1840, died 23 Oct 1858.(12)
  9. David Henry Collins Whitnah


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