Hang Gliding - FAQ - What's needed?

What about: Wheels? Lessons? Purchasing? Transport? Storage? Pilot's Comfort? Reserve parachutes? Trim speed? No instruments? Target landings? Student streamers? Superman Syndrome? HG on flat ground? Logbooks? Glider Maintenance? Homebuilts? Here are a few bits of advice for the beginning and low-time Hang Glider pilot. Is this too much stuff for a beginner? Well, yes, but you can take your time with it. The things that any beginner might want to see here are listed first. More advanced topics are set out last, here. You are welcome to return here and review, often and anytime; some things may not apply now, but soon enough, they may.



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"I can FLY?" on April 26, 2023.

I'm gonna do this!  What is the best way to start?

Okay, now I need to get sorted out on my equipment.

Flying realities, and getting in tune with the sky:

Finishing touches:

Recommended reading:


Recent additions here: Flyin' video links, Wildlife, Glider Maintenance, AirChairs, Handicaps (in building your own), Helmets, RC Soaring (in Lessons), Fig. 8 knots, Sail Stitching, Shipping Tubes, and a Basetube Safety Cable link (in Transport and Storage), Variometer Settings, Parachute Container (in Harnesses), Hands-on HG Simulator, Female pilots (in HG Lessons), YouTube tracklogs (I can FLY!!), new harness safety notes (back straps & behind-the-neck straps), more on wind indicators, tandem in-flight video, and even a club/ web notice at the end, if you want to help spread the HG flyin' word.

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