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Assistive Technology Program

Contact the Assistive Technology Program:

Janice McCullough-

Assistive Technology Service Coordinator:

Phone: 801-466-5565 ext.208

The UILC Assistive Technology Program provides assistive technology related services to increase personal independence of people with disabilites at home and in the community. This program consists of non paid services such as peer support, community networking or coordinating resources and paid services which are the purchase of assistive equipment, evaluations, training etc, needed by consumers to be more independent. Unlike the Loan Bank Program, this program helps consumers access resources to pruchase customized assisitve equipment they need to be more independent.

Assistive technology services are an integral component in the array of services available at the UILC to assist an individual to be more independent at home and in the community. The UILC Assistive Technology Service Coordinator, Janice McCullough, works closely with each consumer to determine what assistive equipment best meets their needs, collects information and documentation necessary for equipment purchase and submits this information to the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR). The funding for equipment is generated from the USOR.

There are eligibility and income requirements that must be met to utilitze community funding sources. Due to the nature of this program and because of this unique partnership for funding, there are definitions, guidelines and procedures that have been established for individuals receiving paid assistive technology services.

For a PDF of the Assistive Technology fact sheet and application, CLICK HERE.