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Deaf Independent Living Expansion Program

Contact the Deaf Independent Living Expansion Program:

Carole Peck

Peer Support Specialist

Video Phone: 385-232-2173
Available at the UILC
on Tuesday and Friday

Available at the
SCCHHD Deaf Center on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
VP: 801-657-5220

This program assists people who are deaf or hard of hearing to achieve greater personal and community independence.

The program organizes classes to teach independent living skills.

There are monthly cooking classes.
Contact the Deaf Expansion Program for more information.

The Deaf Independent Living
Expansion Project

is at the SCCDHH as well as the UILC

Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SCCDHH)

5709 South 1500 West
Taylorsville, UT

(801)263-4860 (Voice)
(801)657-5200 (Video Phone)
(801)6263-4862 (TTY)

The Sanderson Community Center offers an array of services again funded with state monies such as: Community Education classes; Counseling; Case Management; Vocational Rehabilitation services; Senior Citizen programs; Independent Living services; Hard of Hearing Adjustment training; Interpreter training and Certification; Technology Demonstration, Installation and Repair; Disabled Deaf programs; and a Bookstore run by the Utah Association for the Deaf, Inc.

Classes at the UILC

Friday Discussion Group

This peer group sets their own agenda for each month. Discussions range from Medicaid and Medicare to getting a better understanding of loans and tax structure. Current events are often discussed, as are popular media topics.

An interpreter is provided for deaf consumers.

Friday 10:30-12:00

Assigned Staff: Shauna Brock