Hello and thank you for visiting my website

Photography is my passion and an integral part of my life.
I am originally from the Czech Republic, currently living in Park City, Utah, one of the most beautiful places in this country. Shortly after moving here, I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains, and the wilderness became part of me.
I have been physically active all my life, and I spend all my free time outdoors. I have experienced diverse phenomena in nature in the last few years.
Awakening to greet a sunrise in freezing temperatures atop a snow-covered mountain is what I enjoy most and where I feel the life. It is where I place my camera to capture the amazing beauty that I experience. Often the result is a miracle.

Besides mountains, I photograph Southwestern and Western desert. Here, I find a unique environment that is attractive and relaxing.

I believe that light is everything in photography.
I don’t photograph mountains; I photograph beautiful light touching the mountains. I don’t photograph unique red rock, but the first and last light touching its walls. I wait for the right moment and when it comes, I capture it and keep with me forever. I use Canon 5D Mark II, together with Canon wide-angle and telephoto lenses. I have dedicated my life to photography for the last seven years, and my passion for it just continues to grow.

I believe in education and continuous learning. I learn from my photographer friends and from books, movies and photo magazines.

Thank you for spending time looking at my photographs. Welcome to My World in Pictures!

Photograph by Tomas Kaspar.