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Next UARC meeting: Tim Duffy, K3LR

Thursday, November 10, 2022 - Meeting will start at 7:30 PM MT

UARC is pleased to announce that Tim Duffy, K3LR of DX Engineering will be our (virtual) guest.  The topic will be "Ham Radio Antennas" - just a portion of Tim's breadth of knowledge.

Be sure to join us for this meeting - and come with your own questions!

For more details about this meeting - even remotely, via Zoom - and where to park, go to the Meeting Information page.

Scotts Hill 2 Meter receiver available again

On 1 November, 2022, an expedition was mounted to Farnworth Peak to determine why the receiver for the UHF link transmitter from Scotts had "failed". It was discovered that a new piece of equipment, apparently for the purpose of monitoring RF spectrum - but apparently very poorly designed - had raised the noise floor on the UHF link receiver by 60 dB, which is literally a factor of one million-fold.

Unsuprisingly, this totally clobbered the link receiver. Fortunately, we were able to mount a different antenna far enough away from this noise source so that we could, once again, receive the signal from Scotts, restoring it to full operation. We raised appropriate concern with the site management as this device is likely causing negative impact to other users on site as well.

This fix is "temporary", but it is expected that it should last into next spring/summer when site access will, once again, be possible.

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Gordon Smith, K7HFV (SK):

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and "Elmer" Gordon Smith, K7HFV on April 21, 2022.  Gordon was not only the friendly voice on the radio, but the "Elmer's Elmer", helping new hams into the hobby, offering sage advice, and pointing the way for many new hams to become Elmers themselves.

You can find a short bio about Gordon and information about the memorial service here.

He will be greatly missed!

Welcome to the Utah Amateur Radio Club's web site. Our club is the oldest and largest amateur radio club in the state of Utah. It holds the call W7SP, a memorial call for Leonard (Zim) Zimmerman, early UARC member and radio pioneer. It also publishes a monthly newsletter called The Microvolt, electronic versions of which can be found here.

To use this site, please select from the links in the index on the left. You will find the most common destinations available there. Some links direct you to another menu for certain items. The Microvolt link is an example.

This site includes information about the club's history and current activities, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about Amateur Radio in Utah and Amateur Radio in general. We hope you find it useful. Suggestions are always appreciated.

Have a question not answered here? Call UARC's Ham Hotline, 583-3002. A volunteer will either be available in person or, generally, will get back to you within 24 hours.

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