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We have some pages devoted to amateur television (ATV) created by KA7OEI a number of years ago, but we should warn you that they are a bit dated. ATV activity has all but vanished in the Salt Lake valley and one might speculate on the reasons. One is likely that the “critical mass” of operators needed to keep interest up seems to have fallen away.

The technical information in these pages should still be valid for anyone interested in getting on analog (NTSC) television.

The WB7FID ATV repeater described was active with 23-cm (FM) input and 70-cm (AM) output until 2007-2008 when the repeater's power divider was damaged. In 2009 the equipment was removed from the Farnsworth Peak site when the 146.62 (voice) repeater was re-worked to become part of a two-repeater synchronous system along with Scotts' Hill. Of course, with the repeater off the air, the NASA mission coverage is no longer available. It is, however, available on the NASA web site.

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