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Getting Started with the UARC HF Remotes

Status of the W7SP remote at Leamington: UP [should be FULLY OPERATIONAL now, after upgrades on 2/10/2024]
Status of the WA7X remote at Fairview: DOWN due to antenna failure, probably due to weather/snow. Fails to tune up.

The Utah Amateur Radio Club operates remotely-controlled HF transceivers at site in grid squares DM39 and DM49 in central Utah. UARC members can use these remotes to operate on many HF bands.

The UARC HF Remotes utilize the software framework from the web site http://remotehams.com . You must register using your call sign, not any other nickname, then read the following rules: Guidelines for use of the UARC remote HF transceivers

Given understanding and acceptance of the rules, please request access permission from the HF Remote Manager (which is the current UARC President, Marvin Match, KA7TPH) by sending e-mail to Marvin at president@utaharc.org .

There are some registration and software setup instructions at the RemoteHams site, but first please read the following manual in PDF format which was written specifically for the UARC HF Remotes: UARC HF Remote Station Manual

Also available is this Quick Reference Guide to the UARC HF Remote: Quick Reference Guide

Thanks for the many UARC members involved in the development of these systems. Engineer for the UARC HF Remotes is Gary Crum, KK7DV, who can be reached by e-mail to gary.crum@utah.edu. Gary can help work any technical issues and answer any questions about these systems.

Technical details about design of the EFHW antennas: EFHWslides.pdf and relevant UARC meeting presentations are HERE about EFHW antennas, and HERE about the UARC remotes in general.

Slides from the presentation on "Remote Station Operation" at the 2024 Utah Digital Communications Conference are here: KK7DV_Remote_Station_Operation__Utah_DCC_2024.pdf.

Weather station data at both Leamington and Fairview radio sites is available here:
https://ambientweather.net/dashboard/ebc750df5e0c09c6c8f49bba42f030dc (Leamington)
https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KUTLEVAN12 (Leamington)
https://ambientweather.net/dashboard/c48f15a9a7ed33b16fb9f8737b8ed4f7 (Fairview)

Photos of recent activity at the Leamington site are here, including work erecting the new Cushcraft ASL2010 8-element HF Beam Antenna (#3 at Leamington which is now available to all control operators as of 9/29/2021):
https://photos.app.goo.gl/ygfjU9Csuv9fP2iMA (UARC Leamington tower+antenna projects, 2021-present)

Specifications of the beam Antenna #3 are here: https://static.dxengineering.com/global/images/instructions/csh-asl2010.pdf
Specifications of the Yaesu G-2800DXA Heavy-Duty Rotator are here: Yaesu G-2800DXA Antenna Rotator & Controller User Manual

Specifications of the new beam antenna for the 6-meter band which is ready for installation on the Leamington HF Remote, planned for May 25, 2024:
   EAntenna 50LFA6M, Yagi, 6 Elements, 20.75 ft. Boom Length, Loop Fed Array: https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/ean-r2010114
   Manual: 50lfa6m.pdf

RF Exposure Calculation has been completed for UARC HF Remotes using variety of frequencies shows compliance due to remote placement of antennas away from people with antennas using >=60' tower at Leamington and at least 30' from building and ground at Fairview.

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