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Here is our collection (still growing) of files on how to do various things in amateur radio. Most of the files are from presentations given at UARC meetings.

To view PowerPoint files, if you do not own the Microsoft PowerPoint program, you may download a free PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft web site.

Direction-Finding  Our local guru on direction-finding, Mike Mladejovsky, WA7ARK, has designed several very successful DF antennas of the switching or “homing” variety. These pages have the schematics and alignment instructions as well as some general information about how to get started in DFing.
PSK-31 PSK-31 (PSK is for “phase-shift keying”) is an HF digital mode growing in popularity. This file contains the Power Point images from a presentation on PSK-31 given by Tom Schaefer, NY4I, at the UARC meeting on January 4, 2001. It contains information on how to interface your radio, where to find software, what frequencies to use and much more.
On May 1, 2003, Stan Gordon, K7JIZ, presented this program about what the HF digital modes are like, with emphasis on the ones you can use with the sound card on a computer. The audio from the meeting, thanks to Gary Crum, KK7DV,  is also available in "Ogg Vorbis": format at:  http://www.crum.ws/uarc/meeting_recordings/ in a choice of two different sampling speeds. A player for Ogg Vorbis format can also be found at the same site.
On March 6, 2008, Jed Petrovich, AD7KG, presented this survey of possible antennas and antenna considerations for the beginning ham. The items covered are based on Jed's experience over several years. There is a “Sound Check” slide which contains three sound files. The first two are made by switching between two hexbeam antennas at approximately 3.5-second intervals. One antenna is pointing toward the signal source and the other in the opposite direction. The third file compares a hexbeam with a doublet antenna.
Digital Modes
This is a PowerPoint slideshow on amateur digital modes as presented by Doug Gallup, AD7PN, on April 4, 2008. Of particular note are the blue arrows in the lower right-hand corner of some slides. Click on the arrow to hear a sample of the digital signal.
Getting Started in Public Service Events
This is a PDF version of PowerPoint slides shown in a presentation on November 10, 2011, by Brett Neilson, KC7IIB. It tells how to get started using amateur radio to assist public service events such as runs, walks, and races. It explains the benefits of these events and how to prepare for them.
How I Did My Tower
In a UARC Presentation from September 12, 2013, Morris Farmer, AD7SR, traces the whole process of erecting a tower from checking on the legal requirements to getting the feedline(s) into the shack.
DX Links Bob Carter's list of helpful web pages for the DX'er

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