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Here are some useful addresses, phone numbers, and web URLs for the Federal Communications Commission:

Web Addresses

  • Search for a license
  • Obtain an FCC Registration Number (FRN) and connect your license with the FRN
  • File for renewal
  • File for address change
  • File for a new (sequential) callsign
  • File for a vanity callsign
  • File for duplicate license
Go to:
http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls (The Universal Licensing System or ULS)

To reset your ULS password:
FCC Home Page:

Amateur Radio Page (General information and news):

To get information about obtaining a “Vanity” callsign:

To get the RF exposure rules, OET Bulletin 65, and Supplement B (which applies specifically to amateur radio):

To get printable copies of:
  • Form 160 (Apply for an FRN)
  • Form 606 (Connect a callsign with an FRN)
  • Form 605 (File for renewal, new callsign, vanity callsign, address change, or duplicate license)
  • Form 159 (Payment voucher for vanity applications)

Note: Virtually any filing that can be done on paper forms can also be done electronically via ULS. So if you have internet to access these forms, you can likely save time and postage by going to the Universal Licensing System instead.

Postal Mail Addresses

To file a Form 605 for renewal, change of address, etc., mail it to:
Federal Communications Commission
1270 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245

To file a Form 605 with Schedule D to request or renew a “vanity” callsign, mail it (along with the required $12.30 fee and form 159 to accompany the fee) to:
Federal Communications Commission
P.O. Box 979097
St. Louis, MO 63197-9000

To file petitions for rulemaking or comments on rulemaking proceedings, mail to:
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC 20554

Telephone Numbers

To inquire about the state of an Amateur Radio application, or to find out what callsigns are currently being issued, call:
(888) 225-5322 (CALL-FCC)

To request that a Form 605 be mailed to you, call the FCC Forms Distribution Center:
(800) 418-3676

To request a form be FAXed to you, call the "FCC Fax-On-Demand" service at:
(202) 418-0177

Other FCC numbers:

Consumer Assistance (Washington) (202) 418-0200
Cable Information Line (202) 418-2225
Auction Hotline (202) 418-1400