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October Meeting: Homebrew Night

The October UARC meeting will be devoted to one of the most popular events of the year: Homebrew Night! This is the evening when everyone has a chance to bring in home-built equipment and show it off to the group. Likely projects include power supplies, antennas, linear amplifiers, transverters, speech processors, and schemes to switch antennas remotely.

The only rules are that items to be displayed should have been constructed by the person showing them, should have some function in amateur radio, and should not have been shown at previous UARC Homebrew Nights.

The meeting will be on Thursday, October 13, in room L103 of the Warnock Engineering Buildilng on the University of Utah campus. Even if you haven't been homebrewing yourself, you will want to see what others have been creating and perhaps get some ideas about things that are possible and even projects you might want to try yourself.

During the University's fall semester, meetings will take place on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in room L103 of the Warnock Engineering Building. To reach the ā€œLā€ three-digit numbered rooms, take the elevator in the southwest corner of the main floor down to level ā€œL1.ā€ (The elevators near the east entrance don't go there!)

See the map for information on finding the building. The room number varies depending on availability.

Of course, the meeting will include the “standard” meeting features:

  • Availability of ARRL books from Rick, the bookseller
  • An opportunity to join UARC or renew your membership
  • An opportunity to join ARRL or renew your membership
  • The chance to meet face-to-face the people you talk to on the air
  • The “Meeting after the meeting”: A chance to enjoy pizza or other gastronomic delights with other hams. It happens at Litza's Pizza, 716 E. 400 South.
  • The “Meeting before the meeting”: A similar get-together for those who can leave work early enough to get there by 5:15 P.M. These are held at “The Village Inn,” 910 E. 400 South.

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Last updated 09-14-2018.