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June Meeting: All About Field Day

The June UARC meeting will be all about Field Day, the national operating event that attracts more participants than any other such amateur radio event in the world. It will include some photos from past UARC Field Day entries and some of the triumphant, humorous, and downright awful moments that have occurred during past years.

There will be explanation for those who have never participated in a Field Day entry, and some tips on operating, logging, and setting up.

Field Day can be valuable for a lot more than just making contest points. It can hone skills necessary for emergency communication and provide a chance to get in on setting up a complete HF station from scratch.

Contest operating on HF is quite different from rag-chewing on VHF. We will have periods when we make three or four contacts in a single minute. By the time the event is over we will almost certainly have worked every state in the U.S. and a number of Canadian provices.

The June meeting will also be the last chance at a regular meeting to sign up for the annual steak-fry which, this year, will be held on Saturday, July 14.

The meeting will take place at 7:30 P.M. on Thursday, May 10, in room 2250 (the “Robison” classroom) of the Warnock Engineering Building on the University of Utah campus.

Construction Update The road construction situation near our meeting place has changed considerably since last month. After the first day of North Campus Drive being shut down and general chaos resulting, UDOT changed its plans. Now North Campus Drive remains open until a new plan is worked out. Current construction will be on Mario Capecchi Drive between Foothill Drive/Fifth South and South Campus Drive. It will continue to have at least one lane open in each direction but there may be delays of up to fifteen minutes. Last month we suggested avoiding North Campus Drive (approached from 100 South). Now it may be the least troublesome route.

The front elevators in the Warnock Building have the second floor locked out in the evening. There are two possible solutions for the handicapped. The first is to get into the elevator and then send an able-bodied person up the stairs to the second floor to call the elevator. The second method is to find your way to the elevator in the southwest corner of the building (the same elevator we have been using during fall semester) and use it to access the second floor.

UARC meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M., in the Warnock Engineering Building on the University of Utah campus. The meetings during the University's spring semester of 2017 will be in room 2250 on the second floor.

See the map for information on finding the building. The room number varies depending on availability.

Of course, the meeting will include the “standard” meeting features:

  • Availability of ARRL books from Rick, the bookseller
  • An opportunity to join UARC or renew your membership
  • An opportunity to join ARRL or renew your membership
  • The chance to meet face-to-face the people you talk to on the air
  • The “Meeting after the meeting”: A chance to enjoy pizza or other gastronomic delights with other hams. It happens at Litza's Pizza, 716 E. 400 South.
  • The “Meeting before the meeting”: A similar get-together for those who can leave work early enough to get there by 5:15 P.M. These are held at “The Village Inn,” 910 E. 400 South.

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Last updated 05-18-2018.