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May Meeting: HF and VHF Digital Modes

There's been a revolution in ham radio ever since PCs became powerful enough to do digital signal processing at audio frequencies. There is now a whole suite of modes which allow two computers to communicate with each other over long distances on the amateur bands.

Our speaker at the UARC meeting on May 11 is Jeff McGrath, N1SC, who has been very active in digital modes and has made a presentation at the Great Salt Lake Hamfest and at the Digital Communications Conference.

With a single interface to a single sideband transceiver one can operate on a variety of modes by simply installing the correct software, most of which is available at no cost. The suite of modes includes ones which are great for keyboard-to-keyboard QSOs, ones that will work under very poor band conditions, ones that take up only a sliver of bandwidth, and ones which will let a ham be heard around the world while running five watts or less. There are modes which are perfect for obscure VHF modes such as meteor scatter and moonbounce.

Jeff will tell us what you need to get started and where to find the appropriate software.

The meeting will take place at 7:30 P.M. on Thursday, May 11, in room 1230 (the “Duke” classroom) of the Warnock Engineering Building.

UARC meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M., in the Warnock Engineering Building on the University of Utah campus. The meetings during the University's spring semester of 2017 will be in room 1230. To find the room, if you enter through the main (east) door, just go straight down the hall to the last classroom on the right.

See the map for information on finding the building. The room number varies depending on availability.

Of course, the meeting will include the “standard” meeting features:

  • Availability of ARRL books from Brett or John, the “book ladies”
  • An opportunity to join UARC or renew your membership
  • An opportunity to join ARRL or renew your membership
  • The chance to meet face-to-face the people you talk to on the air
  • The “Meeting after the meeting”: A chance to enjoy pizza or other gastronomic delights with other hams. It happens at Litza's Pizza, 716 E. 400 South.
  • The “Meeting before the meeting”: A similar get-together for those who can leave work early enough to get there by 5:15 P.M. These are held at “The Village Inn,” 910 E. 400 South.

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Last updated 04-22-2017.