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January 12 UARC meeting: All About DX Bob Carter, WR7Q
February 9 UARC Meeting: Software-Defined Radio Clint Turner, KA7OEI
February 25 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet
March 9 UARC Meeting: Contest-/DX-Quality Transceivers Jed Petrovich, AD7KG
March 25 Amateur Radio Digital Communications Conference
April 13 UARC Meeting: History of Ham Radio from a DX Perspective Ron Wilcox, KF7ZN
May 6-7 Seventh Call Area QSO Party
May 11 UARC Meeting: Weak Signal Digital Modes Jeff McGrath, N1SC
June 8 UARC Meeting: Information about Field Day Various
June 16-18 WIMU (Wyoming-Idaho-Utah-Montana) Hamfest at Garden City, Utah
June 24-25 ARRL Field Day Contest (UARC entry near Payson Lakes)
July 15 Steak-Fry at “The Spruces”
September 2 Alamogordo (New Mexico) Hamfest
September 8-9 Wasatch Front 100-Mile Endurance Run
September 14 UARC Meeting: Off-Grid Ops Larry Jacobs, WA7ZBO
September 16 Tri-County Swap Meet in Bountiful
October 12 UARC meeting: Homebrew Night
October 14 “Swaptoberfest” Swap Meet in Logan
November 9 UARC Meeting: Antenna Simulation Jed Petrovich, AD7KG
December 14 UARC Meeting: Elections and Ham Quiz Gary Wong, AB1IP

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Last updated: 10-15-2017