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UARC Information Net

UARC holds a net every Sunday evening to disseminate information related to amateur radio. The UARC Information Net is held every Sunday evening at 9:00 P.M. on the club's 146.62 MHz repeater. The net includes announcements of UARC activities, Newsline, ARRL Bulletins, a listing of other clubs and nets, and a roundtable where people with questions or problems can seek out those with answers.

Field Day

UARC enters the annual Field Day contest held on the fourth Saturday of June and the following Sunday each year. Field Day is the world's largest amateur radio contest and is sponsored by the American Radio Relay League. The purpose is to give operators as much opportunity as possible to experience emergency-type operating conditions: a quickly-set-up station in the field, continuous operation through the night, and on emergency power.

UARC usually sets up one or more stations as part of the event. This is typically done from a site in the mountains, appropriate for a family get-together and camp out. You can read more about our 2024 Field Day in a Microvolt spot.

Annual Steak Fry

UARC's big event of the year is the Annual Steak Fry, usually held on a Saturday in July. The event includes a swap-meet, a steak dinner, and awards.
This year, the Annual Steak Fry will be held on Saturday 20 July at the Spruces Campground site GRP7, starting around 3:00 pm.

Homebrew night

Each year, we get together for a night to put something together, such as an antenna. You can get a little hands-on learning and experience with constructing, shaping, and analyzing your own.
Homebrew Night is during our regular October club meeting night, this time 7:00 pm on October 10 in the Warnock Building.

Field trips

Let's take a trip to Leamington, Utah! Every so often, we need to update the site or make repairs, and that gives us an excuse to make a day out of the excursion, and travel outside our comfort zone, to a slightly more distant comfort zone.

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