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Utah Amateur Radio Club's Elmer List

One of the great features of amateur radio is the willingness of experienced operators to help new operators get started. Those willing to supply this help have traditionally been called “Elmers.” Below is a list of Utah Amateur Radio Club members who have volunteered their help with the indicated facets of the hobby. They will be willing to help anyone get started in the indicated area.

If you would like to add your name to the list, or if you are already on the list and would like to add or update your contact information, get in touch with Brett Sutherland, N7KG, N7KG@arrl.net, or 298-5399.

Elmer Name
ATV (Fast Scan) Clint Turner — KA7OEI See www.ka7oei.com/email.html  
APRS Steve Baxter — K7SRB    
Circuit Design      
CW Gary Openshaw — KC7AWU    
DFing Jerry Wellman — W7SAR    
Emergency Communications Jerry Wellman — W7SAR    
HF Contesting      
HF Digital Ron Speirs — K7RLS    
HF Mobile John Hays — K7VE
Brett Sutherland — N7KG n7kg@arrl.net
Jerry Wellman — W7SAR
HF Propagation      
HF Station Setup Dean Lang — WA9AZK    
Homebrew Chuck Johnson — WA7JOS
Ron Speirs — K7RLS
Internet Protocols, Software Engineering, IRLP Gary Crum — KK7DV kk7dv@arrl.net  
License Upgrade and Renewals      
Linux for Radio & Bash Scripting Brent House — KD7ICT    
Mobile Installation Jerry Wellman — W7SAR    
Mountain Topping      
Operating Practices Dean Lang — WA9AZK    
Packet Radio Jerry Wellman — W7SAR    
QRP Andrew Madsen — AC7CF    
Remote Transceiver Design & Implementation Gary Crum — KK7DV kk7dv@arrl.net  
Repeater Construction & Maintenance Clint Turner — KA7OEI
John Lloyd — K7JL
RFI Clint Turner —KA7OEI ka7oei@arrl.net  
Satellite Ron Speirs — K7RLS    
SDR (Software Defined Radio) Clint Turner —KA7OEI ka7oei@arrl.net  
Slow Scan TV John Hays — K7VE    
Software Defined Radio      
Special Events C Wesley Wilkinson, JR. — W7WES    
Spread Spectrum      
Traffic Handling      
VHF Contesting John Hays — K7VE    
VHF Digital John Hays — K7VE
Ron Speirs — K7RLS
VHF Station Setup Ron Speirs — K7RLS    


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