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International Morse Code Programs
K7QO Code Course A complete course for learning the code. This is not actually software but a collection of MP3 files with instructions in PDF format. The files can be placed on a CD and used with a portable MP3 player. The download is long; use a high-speed connection and be patient. Chuck is currently asking $6.50 for the package.
“Just Learn Morse Code” A free Windows program to provide code practice
Code Program List A good list of courses, methods, programs, and articles about learning the code.
Morse Academy Home Page Free DOS code practice and training program
Super Morse Home Page DOS program for learning and practicing the code.
Propagation Prediction Programs
W6ELProp Free program that predicts HF propagation between any two points on the globe on a particular frequency.
VOAProp Free program by Julian Moss, G4ILO. It is a Windows front-end for VOACAP, a program written by the US government to predict coverage for the Voice of America.
WinCAP Wizard A commercial program with a free version and based on VOACAP.
Design and Emulation Programs
MMana Free antenna modeling program based on MiniNEC
EZNEC Antenna Design Software
LTSpice A free circuit emulation program from Linear Technology giving the SPICE program a Windows interface. If you don't want to register for e-mail from Linear Technology, just choose the “No thanks, just download the software” option.
Other Programs
APRS© Automatic Packet Reporting System Software
LOGic 8 Complete Station Management Software
TRLog Home Page Contest Software (Same software UARC uses at Field Day)
XMLog Home Page Free Windows logging software(Includes DX Cluster, callbook, and rig interface)
Digipan Home Page PSK31 program with Waterfall display

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