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UARC maintains a library of donated books about amateur radio. Members are welcome to check out any item for a maximum of 30 days. Our Bookseller, Rick Gregory, KG7GOW, maintains the library and may be contacted at any meeting to check out materials or to accept donations of materials.

Library Contents as of September 25, 2019
Book TitlePub.
200 Meters and Down: The Story of Amateur Radio2018978087259001415.95
73: Vertical, Beam, and Triangle Antennas1970n/a5.50
A History of QST, Vol. 1: Amateur Radio Technology, 1915-20132013978162595003134.95
A History of QST, Vol. 2: Advertising, 2015-20132013978162595004834.95
ARRL Digital Technology for Emergency Communications Course (CD-ROM) 2008978087259124049.95
ARRL RFI Book: Practical Cures for Radio Frequency Interference, 3rd Ed.2010978087259091529.95
ComTrain’s Tribute to Safety: Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue, 4th Ed.1997n/a29.95
Ham Radio for the New Ham: What to do the minute you get your … license201997810914021719.999.99
Introduction to Radio Frequency Design1982087259492039.95
Microwave Know How for the Radio Amateur2010978190508656621.95  21.95
Microwave Projects 22005978190508609229.95
Power Supply Handbook2006978190508621429.95
PR-101: ARRL Public Relations (CD-ROM)2009n/a
Practical Radio Frequency Test & Measurement: A Technician’s Handbook2002978075067161366.9566.95
The Amateur Radio Mobile Handbook 20019781905086719
The ARRL Antenna Book, 15th Ed.1988087259206518.00
The ARRL Antenna Book, 19th Ed.2000087259804730.00
The ARRL Antenna Compendium, Vol. 21989087259254514.00
The ARRL Goes to Washington [CD-Rom (10-minute video)]2005n/a
The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications –– 2005, 82nd Ed.2004087259928039.95
The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications –– 2006, 83rd Ed.2005087259948539.95
The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs, 10th Ed.2012978087259596534.95
The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs, 8th Ed.200608725991322925.95
Understanding Your Antenna Analyzer2013978087259288925.95