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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the primary source of publications about amateur radio in the United States. Some decades back there were radio stores that stocked these books locally, but as they faded away UARC decided to become a dealer and make make them, again, available locally.

Normally, these publications would be available at regular UARC meetings. However, while the Coronavirus is restricting us to on-line meetings, here is another way to obtain them. To purchase any of these items, please contact Rick, our book manager, either via e-mail (rickg916@gmail.com) or txt (801-582-7783). Phone calls from unknown numbers are generally not answered, but voice mail will be checked. In your message please include the item names and the preferred method of reply.

Amateur Radio Transceiver Performance Testing
9781910190086 201419.95
An Introduction to Antenna Modeling9781910193006 201419.95
Arduino Sketches: tools & techniques for programming wizardry9781118919606 201535.00
ARRL Handbook 2020, 97th Ed., softcover9781625951076 201949.95
ARRL's Best of the Doctor is In, Vol. 19781625950741 201719.95
ARRL's Hands-On Radio Experiments, Vol. 39781625950796 201822.95
ARRL's Small Antennas for Small Spaces, 2nd Ed.9781625950512 201922.95
Basic Antennas: Understanding Practical Antennas and Designs9780872599994 200929.95
Batteries in a Portable World, 4th Ed.9780968211847 201629.95
Circuit Simulation and Analysis9781625950055 201327.95
Computers in Amateur Radio, 2nd Ed. w/CDROM9781905086856 201324.95
FCC Rules and Regulations for the Amateur Radio Service, 4th Ed.9781625950765 20177.95
Get on the Air with HF Digital, 2nd Ed.9781625950833 201819.95
Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE9780872593244 201329.95
High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio9781625950529 201627.95
Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur9780872595200 201219.95
International Antennas9781910193358 201719.95
License: General Class License Manual, 9th Ed., spiral-bound9781625951069 201932.95
License: Ham Radio License Manual, 4th Ed., Spiral-Bound9781625950826 201832.95
Magic Band Antennas for Ham Radio9781625950987 201819.95
Magnetic Loop Antennas9788026099529 201934.95
More Vertical Antenna Classics9780872599796 200617.95
Personal Emergency Communications9780983505310 201214.95
Propagation and Radio Science9781625950277 201527.95
Radio Science for the Radio Amateur9780872593381 201324.95
Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur9781625950789 201824.95
SDR Software Defined Radio, 2nd Ed.9781910193464 201724.95
The Care and Feeding of Transmission Lines9780872594784 201227.95
The Complete DX'er, 3rd Ed. 0961757701200319.95
The Radio Today Guide to HF Data on FT8 & PSK9781910193709 201914.95
Your Guide to HF Funn/a200116.00
UARC baseball caps, choice of blue or whiten/an/a10.00
ARRL Handbook 2018, 95th Ed.9781625950727 201730.00
ARRL Periodicals DVD 20189781625951052 201810.00
Technician Ham Radio License Manual, 3rd Ed. (> Jun 2018)9781625950130 20145.00
General Class License Manual, 8th Ed. (> Jun 2019)9781625950307 20157.00
General Class License Manual, 8th Ed., spiral-bound (> Jun 2019)9781625950314 20157.00
Extra Class License Manual, 11th Ed., Spiral-Bound (> Jun 2020)9781625950550 201610.00
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