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03-02-19 For Sale: I have the following equipment for sale. Most of this equipment was purchased new by me. All equipment is being sold “as is” due to part swappers and other not-so-honest people. AA3YT 801-867-5500
  1. Omni 6 Transceiver with matching power supply / speaker 160 meters up to 10 meters. The power supply will operate at 120 volts. This unit has less than 100 hours on it. USA made Radio. $850.00 OBO
  2. Kenwood R-1000 General coverage receiver all mode Battery or 120-volt power. $100.00.
  3. MFJ-4125 Power supply 120 / 220 volt input 13.8 volt at 25 amp Surge 22 amps continuous. This unit was purchased as a spare and was never taken out of the box. $50.00
  4. Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier 120/220-volt AC input. This linear has all the Harbauch mods and has been gone through to make sure it is working on 80 meters up to 10 meters. This is the only unit listed that I did not purchase new. After the mods were installed it operates at 600 watts on all bands. Please be advised the switching circuit in this unit is 120 v. It is not compatible with the solid state switching of modern transceivers without an interface box. $425.00
For Sale: ZeroFive antenna: 1x33 foot 10-80 meter multiband foldover freestanding antenna. Price: $290.00.
Contact: (801) 942-0053 or stirlingcpa@gmail.com.
05-27-14 For Sale: Miscellaneous electronic items from the estate of K7LBB to be available on Saturday, June 14, 8 A.M. to noon, at 129 E. 1800 South in Bountiful, or contact Robert Anderton evenings at (801) 561-3383.
04-09-14 Wanted: One or two 10-foot sections of Rohn 25G tower to complete my tower setup. Please contact me at jason.coble@comcast.net or (801) 243-4154.

Thank you,
Jason Coble, KD7EKG

02-17-14 For Sale: Kenwood TS-520S HF transceiver with external digital frequency readout. Asking $250.

Contact David Stirling, AE7PT
(801) 942-0053
Email: stirlingcpa@gmail.com

02-17-14 For Sale:
  • Yaesu FT-101ZD: HF 160 thru 10 meters
  • SP901 Matching speaker and Patch
  • FT-101 operation manual, also Service manual
  • 4 extra Finals (6146's), 2 Driver tubes
  • AEA PC packrat With manuals and software and cable
Asking $350
David T. Caley, K7MTB
10-11-13 For Sale: Ten-Tek Omni 7 Transceiver with CW filter, built-in antenna tuner, and microphone, $2200.
Phil, K7PB
Home phone: (801) 582-0329
Cell phone: (801) 599-6935
08-23-13 For Sale: Test equipment.

Below is a list of Commercial Grade test equipment which I have in storage. During the 2002 Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City, I was the General Manager for AT&T. I was charged with staffing some 50+ workers and the network build out of 10 competition, 11 non-competition and 25 VIP locations. To do this it was necessary for me to provide high quality test equipment to develop and maintain both fiber optics and RF network.

After the Olympics I have held on to this valuable equipment in hopes that it could be used on other projects. Hence, the list below. In addition to listing the equipment I have tried to provide a brief description of each piece and suggest applications for it. You will find these comments below the list. It occurs to me that Amateur Radio Operators maybe would be interested in acquiring some of this test equipment. As can be seen by referring to the list, there are a few pieces that I would prefer to retain and therefore they are not for sale.

I have the capability to trouble shoot, and certify proper operation and calibration of virtually any aspect of a transmitter, amplifier, modulator, cable, or antenna. I can make myself available to any of our Amateur Brothers to assist them in setup or maintenance of their equipment on an “as available” basis.

Ron Goodrich

Record # For Sale Quant Description Make Model Serial # Condition Options Accessory for
1 NO
Atomic Frequency Standard Efratom FRK-L
Like New 10 MHz
2 Demodulator, Analog, Frequency Agile General Instruments C6BD-II
Never Used

3 NO
Digital Bench Sweep System Wavetek Benchmark 1175
Like New

4 NO
Filter, Bandpass, Tunable Trilithic VF-5: 5 to 880 MHz 9807019 New W/Case & Soft Case

Filter, Bandpass, Tunable Texscan 55 to 110 MHz E0075 Good


Filter, Bandpass, Tunable Texscan 220 to 440 MHz E0091 Good

7 NO
Frequency Counter, Microwave EIP 545 A 0201G Like New  
8 NO
Generator, Function, Analog Hewlett-Packard 3312 A 1432 A 14391 Good 13 MHz
9 NO
Generator, Function, Analog Hewlett-Packard 33120 A US 3604 41735 New 15 MHz

Generator, Synthesized Marconi 2022C 119038/159 Good 10 KHz to 1000 MHz

Generator, Synthesized Marconi 2022C 119091/002 Good 10 KHz to 1000 MHz
12 NO
Generator, Synthesized Marconi 2022C 119091/009 Good 10 KHz to 1000 MHz
4 Modulator, Analog, Frequency Agile General Instruments C8M
Never Used

4 Modulator, Analog, Frequency Agile Scientific - Atlanta 9280

15 NO
Oscilloscope Tektronix 2430 A B 011183 Good 150 MHz? Digital - 4 Inputs W/Bag

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2430 A B 012883 Good 150 MHz Digital - 2 Inputs W/Bag

Oscilloscope, Battery Powered Tektronix 2465 B- DM B 017515 Needs new Battery 400 MHz - 4 Inputs Battery Pack

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2445 B 021413 Good 150 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2445 B 021593 Good 150 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag, W/Cover

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465 B B 023654 Good 300 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2445 B 024910 Good 150 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2445 B 028102 Good 150 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465 B B 051399 Good 400 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag

Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465 B B 053676 Good 400 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag, W/New Bag
25 NO
Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465 B B 064947 Good 400 MHz - 4 Inputs W/Bag

RF Generator, Analog Hewlett-Packard HP 8614A 953-03300 Good 0.8 to 2.4 GHz

RF Generator, Synthesized Marconi 2019A 118 463 029 Good 80 KHz to 1040 MHz

RF Generator, Synthesized Hewlett-Packard HP 8657A 3250 A 05467 Good 002
29 NO
White Noise Generator/SLM Calibrator Sadelco SC 1000
Like New 4.5 to 1000 MHz

Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett-Packard HP8591B 3108 A 01444 Good 001, 75 - BNC W/Cover
31 NO
Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett-Packard HP8591E 3230 A 00294 Good 001, 023,140, 301, 75 - BNC Card Reader

Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett-Packard HP8591E 3624 A 05472 Good 041(HP-IB), 50 - N Card Reader

Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett-Packard HP8591C 3710 A 01926 Good 107, 75 - BNC Field Case, Yellow

Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett-Packard HP8591C 3710 A 01938 Good 107, 75 - BNC Field Case, Yellow

Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett-Packard HP8591E 3801 A 07025 Good 041(HP-IB), 50 - N Card Reader
36 NO
Stealth Digital Analyzer WWG SDA-5000 2290422 New Portable
37 NO
Stealth Digital Analyzer WWG SDA-5000 2290423 Good Portable
38 NO
TDR, Metalic Cable Tektronix 1503C B 025865 Like New W/Strip Chart Recorder

Video Generator, Analog Tektronix 146 B 061274 Good
Rack Mount

Video Generator, Analog Tektronix 146 B 061324 Good


Video Generator, Digital Tektronix 1910 B 021917 Good
Rack Mount
42 NO
Video Generator, Digital Tektronix TSG 95 B 030789 Good PAL/NTSC

Video Generator, Digital Tektronix TSG 95 B 030793 Good PAL/NTSC

Item 1:
Efratom Atomic Frequency Standard is a Rubidium source which has a 10 MHz sinewave output of very acurate frequency. This output can be split many ways and samples can be provided to the external reference inputs to other pieces of test equipment. The Marconi 2022C generator, HP 8591 Spectrum Analyzer, and EIP 145 frequenct counter can all be locked to this source, making measurements extreamly acurate.
Item 2:
General Instruments C6BD-II Demodulator is a frequency agile tuner that can tune any frequency NTSC channel. It outputs Baseband Analog Video, Audio, and 4.5 MHz aural carrier, as well as IF frequencies.

Item 3:
Benchmark 1175 Digital Sweep can be used to sweep componants such as connectors, cable, amplifiers, and antennas.

Item 7:
EIP 545A Frequency Counter is a very acurate digital frequency counter with a range from 10 Hz to 18 GHz. It resolves FM modulation, so it can acurately read the center frequency of a modulated signal. When the Rubitium source is used as a reference the counter is as acurate as the reference.

Item 9:
Hewlet - Packard 33120 A Digital Function Generator is an excellent amplitude and frequency audio source to calibrate modulation index and any other measurements requiring calibrated signals below 15 MHz. It is very stable and repeatable.

Item 10-12:
Marconi 2022C Synthesized RF Generator provides signals from 10KHz to 1 GHz at levels from -127 dBm to +11.2 dBm in 0.1 dB steps. The carrier can be modulated AM,FM, and PM. Two of these units can be used to make distortion measurements of amplifiers in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer.

Item 13&14:
Frequency Agile NTSC Analog Modulators take NTSC baseband video signals and output modulated carriers on any channel at a level of up to 60 dBmV, with an aural carrier at -15 dB reference video carrier.

Item 15-25:
Tektronix Oscilloscopes are very high quality multi-channel versetal oscilloscopes. Units range in frequency range from 150 MHz to 400 MHz. They allow direct measurements of RF and modulation, as well as power supply levels.

Item 29:
Sadelco SC 1000 White Noise Generator/Calibrator generates white Gaussian noise from 4.5 MHz to 1 GHz at calibrated levels from -10 dBmV to +20 dBmV +/- 0.25 dB. When used with a spectrum analyzer it allows a swept response of cables, components, amplifiers or antennas. Used with a spectrum analyzer and an impedance bridge the resonant frequency and bandwidth of an antenna can easily be documented.

Item 30-35:
Hewllet-Packard 1895 Spectrum Analyzers can process signal frequencies from 1 MHz to 1.8 GHz. Measurements such as amplitude, modulation, distortion, signal to noise ratio, and frequency are very accurate.

Item 36&37:
Wavetek SDA-5000 Digital Analyzers are battery powered full featured spectrum analyzers that can measure amplitude, frequency, modulation, distortion, hum, and signal to noise. They also contain a sweep transmitter which can be used as a self contained unit to sweep and RF device. It works very well to align amplifiers and test antennas for bandwidth & resonant frequency.

Item 38:
Tektronix 1503C Time Domain Reflectometer is a first class high quality test set used to locate cable faults of any impedance coaxial cable. With pinpoint accuracy opens, shorts or impedance mismatches can be measured & located. Equipped with a strip chart recorder, a hard copy record can be printed of the screen display.

Item 39-41:
Tektronix Digital and Analog Video Test Generators produce all NTSC test signals when used in conjunction with an oscilloscope can measure alignment, distortion, and signal to noise of any analog modulator.

Item 42&43:
Tektronix Digital Handheld Video Test Generator will generate nearly all the same test signals of the rack mounted generators of Item 30-41. It also generates audio test tones at 600 ohm for proper audio modulator setup.

07-04-13 For Sale: Yaesu FT-270 handheld two-meter transceiver. Includes one NiMH battery pack and one case for alkaline cells, charger, and instructions. Contact Brian Johanson, KE7WYS, (801) 302-3335.
06-13-09 Wanted: Someone to build a 100W Class D Power Amp for .1 to 3.0 MHz. I'll provide the parts and circuit. Must have skills to be able build, tune and test the finished unit with excellent quality. Compensation: $30/hour.

The circuit is in the ARRL QEX issue of Mar/Apr 2006 p. 9. I actually need to have two identical units built. It is not very complex and uses just two power MOSFETs, an IC and a transistor.

This should be a fun and exciting project and not too big. If you want to do it, contact Dave Marshall, AA7SM, at dave@marshallradio.com and tell me a little about your experience building such things.

Members of the Utah Amateur Radio Club are welcome to post items in this space free of charge. Equipment referenced should be useable in some aspect of amateur radio. Send material to k7hfv@arrl.net. Please be sure to let us know when your item is sold or is otherwise no longer available so we can remove your listing.

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