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07-14-20 Wanted: An HF Yagi. I'm trying to find a used Yagi antenna to help set up an HF station for DXing. I'm trying to find one with at least a 12-foot boom and three bands (10,15,20).
Contact: Ryan, KG7FRS; Cell: (801) 897-2246; Email: rumsum89@gmail.com.
07-11-20 For Sale: Miscellaneous electronic items from the estate of Cloyde Anderton, K7LBB. Contact Rob Anderton by email at rcanderton@aol.com.

BK Precision1601Power Supply$ 50.00New In Box0-50V 2A
BK Precision1630Power Supply$ 50.00New In Box0-30V 3A
BK Precision18551.2Ghz Frequency Counter$ 75.00Very Good
D&R LtdFL3DFlutter & Wow Meter$ 25.00Good
HeathkitFM Test Oscilloscope$ 50.00Very Good
Hewlett Packard400DVTVM$ 35.00Very Good
Hewlett Packard412ADC VTVM$ 35.00Good
Hewlett Packard200CDWide Range Audio Generator$ 50.00Good
P&H ElectronicsR F Distortion Meter$ 35.00Very Good
Simpson266Multi Meter$ 50.00Very GoodWood Case (Desktop)
Sprauge500Interference Locator$ 100.00Very Good
Millen90651Grid Dip Meter$ 75.00Very Good
03-02-19 For Sale: I have the following equipment for sale. Most of this equipment was purchased new by me. All equipment is being sold “as is” due to part swappers and other not-so-honest people. AA3YT 801-867-5500
  1. Omni 6 Transceiver with matching power supply / speaker 160 meters up to 10 meters. The power supply will operate at 120 volts. This unit has less than 100 hours on it. USA made Radio. $850.00 OBO
  2. Kenwood R-1000 General coverage receiver all mode Battery or 120-volt power. $100.00.
  3. MFJ-4125 Power supply 120 / 220 volt input 13.8 volt at 25 amp Surge 22 amps continuous. This unit was purchased as a spare and was never taken out of the box. $50.00
  4. Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier 120/220-volt AC input. This linear has all the Harbauch mods and has been gone through to make sure it is working on 80 meters up to 10 meters. This is the only unit listed that I did not purchase new. After the mods were installed it operates at 600 watts on all bands. Please be advised the switching circuit in this unit is 120 v. It is not compatible with the solid state switching of modern transceivers without an interface box. $425.00

Members of the Utah Amateur Radio Club are welcome to post items in this space free of charge. Equipment referenced should be useable in some aspect of amateur radio. Send material to k7hfv@arrl.net. Please be sure to let us know when your item is sold or is otherwise no longer available so we can remove your listing.

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