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July Meeting: Steak-Fry

It's time for annual UARC Steak-Fry. In July, instead of a meeting on the U of U campus, we have a get-together in Big Cottonwood Canyon in a forest near a stream, out of the valley heat.

The event will be on the afternoon of Saturday, July 13, in Group Area 7 of The Spruces campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Cost is $15. It is important to sign up well before the event so the officers can make sure there is enough food for everyone. You can pay the Secretary at Field Day, mail a check to him, or, if you are a PayPal member, by sending a multiple of $15 to “UARC.” A shortcut method is to go to http://www.paypal.me/uarc/15. If you have more than one person coming, change the “15” to an appropriate multiple.

To reach the site go up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The road starts right at the intersection of Fort Union Boulevard and Wasatch Boulevard and is known as state highway 190. From eastern I-215, you can take the 62nd South exit and follow the signs to SR-190, Solitude, or Brighton ski resorts. Any of those will get you on the right road.

The Spruces campground will be on the right between mile markers 11 and 12. Look for the entrance on the right. If you reach the Solitude Mountain Resort, you’ve gone too far.

When you get to the entry station for the campground, tell them that you are with the radio group in “Area 7.” They will direct you to the right road. There are only 30 parking places that come with the site, so if you come late enough that all are taken you must either pay to park near the entrance, or park outside the campground on the side of the highway and walk in. We haven’t had a problem exhausting the parking in the last year or two but we should be prepared just in case. If you are sufficiently able-bodied to make a five-minute walk, you might consider parking outside and leaving a space available for someone not so fortunate.

Typically, people start arriving at about 2 P.M. to swap equipment and have “eyeball QSO's.”

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Last updated 06-16-2019.