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February Meeting: DXing

Have you ever experienced the thrill of working a foreign country, or of making a contact with an island that rarely has any kind of radio transmitter? Our February meeting will be a chance to learn all about the world of DX (i.e. working stations in foreign countries).

Darryl Hazelgren, K7UT, will be presenting our UARC meeting on Thursday, February 14, at 7:30 P.M. Darryl has been an avid DXer for decades, has founded multiple clubs dedicated to contesting and DXing, and has participated in DXpeditions to remote parts of the world. Learn what DXing, contesting, and award-seeking are all about. Why is DXing popular? What equipment do you need? How much time must you devote? What awards are available? Come hear the answers.

Darryl will also talk about the “Seventh Call Area QSO Party,” which will be coming up in early May. As a station in the seventh call area you will be one that the rest of the world is seeking to work! You may even find yourself the target of a pileup, especially if you run portable in a rare county. (See www.7qp.org for more details.)

Again, the upcoming meeting of the Utah Amateur Radio Club will be on Thursday, February 14 (Valetine's Day). Location is the Warnock Engineering Building on the University of Utah campus, room 1230.

UARC meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the Warnock Engineering Building on the University of Utah campus. The room number varies with availability. During our meetings in January through April, 2019, we will be in room 1230. See the map for information on finding the building.

Of course, the meeting will include the “standard” meeting features:

  • Availability of ARRL books from Rick, the bookseller
  • An opportunity to join UARC or renew your membership
  • An opportunity to join ARRL or renew your membership
  • The chance to meet face-to-face the people you talk to on the air
  • The “Meeting after the meeting”: A chance to enjoy pizza or other gastronomic delights with other hams. It happens at Litza's Pizza, 716 E. 400 South.
  • The “Meeting before the meeting”: A similar get-together for those who can leave work early enough to get there by 5:15 P.M. These are held at “The Village Inn,” 910 E. 400 South.

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Last updated 01-16-2019.