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November 12 Electronic Meeting: Building Your First HF Station

Our UARC President will be presenting the next UARC meeting on Thursday, Novermber 12. He writes:

“Every Ham proudly remembers the day he passed the exam for his General ticket. Then he stops and realizes that the high frequency bands are all new territory and his station will need an upgrade to work these new bands. As a Technician you probably used off-the-shelf equipment and just did the plug-and-play routine. That doesn’t generally work when assembling an HF station.

“Building your very own HF station can be one of the most challenging and enjoyable experiences of your Ham career. It is important that you are armed with the information needed to do it right the first time, thus avoiding the frustrations and expenses of having to go back and fix what you did wrong.

“I'm going to discuss a fairly comprehensive list of what you're going to be needing to get on HF with the goal of taking some of the mystery of what’s needed and why. Fair warning: the list is long. In fact, I'm a bit concerned about scaring you away.

“While you really will need these items that I'm going to talk about, most of them aren't terribly expensive and will last for years, probably your whole time as a ham. The most expensive and shortest lived will likely be your radio and that can easily last 15-20 years.

“Hopefully I will help you get most of it right the first time.”

—Morris Farmer, AD7SR
    President, UARC

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, November 12, and will, again, be an on-line meeting. It can be accessed (along with several past meeting programs) by going to https://www.youtube.com/c/UtahAmateurRadioClub. The meeting will start at the usual 7:30 P.M.. It should be possible to connect to it and make sure everything is working any time after 7:00.

Except for July and August, UARC meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M.

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Last updated 10-16-2020.