This is the collection of R1100GS parts as of late 1997.  Apparently there are errors in the source information and there may be other errors in the transcription. Use this as a starting point and have your dealer verify partnumbers before purchase.

This differs from the source material slightly in matters of translation (German words converted to English) and organisation ('Luggage' has been broken out from 'Frame' and one or two fiches consolidated, for example).  Again, this isn't meant to replace an experienced dealer but rather to help you be a better customer, since more and more dealers wish their customers to supply part numbers to facilitate lookup.  Hopefully with this information, errors are reduced and everyone benefits.

Please mail any corrections to and mention "1100GS part numbers" in the subject.

A special thanks to Anton Largiader for putting these pages together.

Engine 1
Short engine
Front protective plate (bash plate)
Engine housing
Left side assembly bolts
Right side assembly bolts
Engine ventilation
Front cover
Piston, single components
Cylinder head, gasket, camshaft cover
Cylinder head cover, attaching parts

Engine 2
Camshaft supporting bracket
Spark plug cover
Crankshaft attaching parts
Connecting rod, bearing
Tming gear, valves
Rocker arm, shaft, lifter
TIming: valve train, chain, camshft
Timing chain, tensioner, slide rail
Lubrication system, oil filter
Single parts F oil pump
Oil cooler, oil cooling pipe

Engine electrical system
Ignition system, plug/coil
Ignition system, trigger contact
Alternator mounting parts (2)
Starter covering/mounting
Set of pulleys with ribbed V-belts

Fuel preparation system
Intake manifold
Throttle housing assembly
Control unit
Emission control
Air cleaner housing

Fuel supply system
Tank attaching parts
Fuel supply, pump/filter
Petrol gauge
Ventilation, attaching parts
Filler cap
Fuel distributor, pressure regulator
Tank bag for plastic tank
Tankbag for steel tank

Transmission housing
Oil seals
Input shaft '93 and '94
Input shaft '97
Output shaft '93 and '94
Output shaft '97
Intermediate shaft
Shift mechanism
Shifting shaft
Shft lever


Front axle
Telescopic fork tube
Fork shell
Upper fork bridge
Fork slider, lower fork bridge
Frailing arm
Mounting parts F front strut ass'y

Handlebar board high
Mouting parts for handlebar
Complete left handle unit
Handle unit left, single parts
Complete right handle unit
Handle unit right, single parts
Rubber grips
Heated handle, mounting parts
Bowden cable
Cable distributor
Hand protector

Rear axle
Final drive
Bevel gear and spacer rings
Crowngear set
Crowngear and spacer rings
Final drive parts
Rear wheel fork
Rear spring strut

Front wheel brake, spoked wheel
Front brake pipe/mounting
Rear wheel brake, spoked wheel
Rear brake master cylinder
Rear wheel brake, fluid container
Rear wheel brake, brake lever
Rear wheel brake, ABS
Front brake, ABS
Brake pipe front ABS
Brake pipe rear ABS
Pressure modulator of ABS

Spoke wheel
Spoke wheel, rim/spoke
Wheel hub mounting parts, ft.
Wheel hub, rear

Rear frame
Front frame
Upper mudguard
Lower mudguard
Rear mudguard
Plate mounting
Fairing bracket
Side fairing
Covering, fuel tank
Covering, front cover
Windshield mounting parts
Engine suspension
Front footpeg, mounting
Rear footpeg, mounting
Engine protection bar set
Valve cover protectors

Clutch mounting parts
Clutch control

Exhaust system
Exhaust manifold
Mounting parts F assembly

Case holder set
System case
System case, single components
City lids
Rear luggage carrier
System case scuff guards
Top case, 35 liter
Bag for top case
Installation set, top case bracket

Vehicle trim
Ignition/light switch
Painted parts & acrylic paint
Acrylic spray paint
Acrylic touch-up paint

Adjustable dualseat
Mounting parts, adjustable dualseat
Tool box

Vehicle electrical system
Cable harness
Wiring box, fuse, etc.
Various cable holders
Various relays
Combination switch at handlebar
Various switches
Installation kit, socket
Battery tray

Dashboard mounting parts

Headlight parts
Headlight insert
Turn indicator lamp
Side marker
Rear light

Tool kit
Tire repair kit
Other accessories
Motorcycle cover